AF In 3 Days Sigh

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Nell - November 12

Is anyone one else expecting af in the next 3 days or so?? I know she is gunna show...but I really wish she wouldn't. No major signs but i kinda just have a certain way I feel before af and I am pretty sure she will show. I guess I don't want to be suprised when she does show... I just got my insurance so after this af I am going to see a dr. I think the depo may have ruined having babies for me.


amy - November 12

mines due anytime from monday-wed.. I'm on my 4th month trying and 6th month off bc pill.. this month my b___bs didn't hurt after ovulation and they always hurt, but they are very full.. also certain smells have made me gag.. i wanna test tomorrow cause i'll be 12-13 days past ovulation.. when are you going to test?


suzieQ - November 12

Due on the 16th this week. I've taken a few hpt's - all neg- and I think af is going to show up. No symptoms of pregnancy really, but I haven't had my normal pre-af headaches either, so maybe. this is our first month ttc, but I've had 2 m/c's this year and each time we conceived during the 1st month. We're going to try another hpt tomorrow morning though.


nell - November 13

no hpt's this time.... i am just gunna hold out until and/or if it is late... this is our 7th month ttc... how old are you amy and suzie?


ahava uk - November 13

hi ladies, im due around 20th ish,,,,been 6 months trying loads, but a year or more, on and off...had 1 chemcal. took ultra hpts 3 days ago, 2 + 6 negs, *bought loads of those cheap ones off the internet*<<mad woman ....i also dont hold much hope out but u never know! i ran away from tests as i was frightened but have to go in for an ultra sound this week.*ill be brave**. im getting CRAMPS all around my pubic area and u never know. Also i get terrible mid cycle cramps...when ovulating ...GOOD LUCK GALS ******* baby dust for all of us on this great board


angel - November 13

hi nell when was ur last depo shot? i took one back in april nd i just finally am having a normal cycle. dont give up.... i believe its 97% of girls on depo once they go back to normal (anywhere from 4-10 months usually ) they have no problem having a baby and the ones that do probly had a problem before. dont worry go see a dr.... drink lots of water and take vitamins that will get depo out of u sooner and everything is going to be ok :) if u want u can email me at [email protected] i had an awful time on and getting off depo so if u have any questions plez feel free to ask :) good luck!


Nissa - November 13

No no Nell! Don't say that! You NEVER know!! I just knew AF was coming only because i had just a little cramping the day before (but not other symptoms like I usually have) so I just decided to test for fun the evening before AF was due and it was a faint p!! In shock and still not convinced, I went and got a digital clearblue was a full b__wn PREGNANT! So, don't worry, I am living proof that it will happen when you least expect it!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!


me - November 13

I am due on the 15th of Nov. and have already tested with a BFN. I am only at 9dpo so I know it is probably early. My temp dipped yesterday morning from 97.9 to 97.2. It was 98.1 again this morning, so I am guessing it could be possible implantation? What do you think?


suzieQ - November 13

i'm 27 nell, have started to hear that silly clock everyone talks about! got another negative today. I think i'm going to just give up on hpt's until i'm late for my af. I don't think I'm pregnant this month though. I have a long cycle, and when I was pregnant before twice (both ended in m/c) I received positive results in my third week, before my af was due. Anyways, best of luck to you all!


windy - November 13

my period is due on the 15th too and Ijust tested today, negative. This will be my 3rd. It was not planned but I really feel pregant. I cannot wait for results. Is one test better than another, the test I used was a cheap one. Did I test too early? My other 2 preg showed up the first day I was late.


nell - November 13

I am feeling odd today very uh week.. maybe I am becoming anemic or something... has slight cramping...not the same as usual af cramps though... during implantation can you get a very sudden pain deep in the center of your uterous? Thanks angel and suzie I am not giving up hope just not getting them too high. I am sorry to hear about your losses suzie I am praying for you. Angel it has been since february since I got off the depo I use to suffer from sudden nausia and getting insane headaches everyday. finally I couldn't handle feeling sick all the time.. plus it turned my uterous purple and had numerous scares of pregnancy which at that time I was not prepared for. Amzing how much changes in such a small time. I am 20 turning 21 in December... If I am pregnant now it would be absolutly ok. I have insurance and just got a raise!! I am a legal a__sistant and I want a career and a family. I would prefer to wait until after my fiance and I get married but hey a cute belly to go along with I dos who knows right.Nissa CONGRATS!!! I hope u have a wonderful healthy 9 mths. Hi windy welcome and good luck!I bet ur all BFP'S Tis the season!!


nell - November 14

not sure if this is anything but i have had this metallic taste in my mouth on and off....


suzieQ - November 14

I'm hoping for a positive for you nell! Metallic taste - hmmmm. We'll see. How long were you on depo for? I never tried it, I had too many friends tell me it was horrible. I had a hard enough time with the pill. Anyways, good luck everyone *****


nell - November 14

AF showed this morning... brown dishcharge but later in the day it was FULL BLOWN! I am so disappointed... I even held out and didn't test. I think it is time to give it a rest for a while. I was on the Depo for about 9-10 mths. Maybe I will have better luck concieving next year... how about I make it my new years resolution. I want a child and I know I can wait but I just do not want to.... is that selfish?


suzieQ - November 14

I've got my normal cramps and headache that I always get the night before my af. sigh. This was only my first month ttc, but I was still hoping. Hopefully next month though! I've put away my last hpt, not going to use it until a period is overdue. I was thinking of trying to monitor my body temp, but haven't looked into it yet. I don't know if that will help or not. I figure if we bd everyday or every other day, then somethings gotta work! Anways, keep your hopes up. Nell, good luck with your resolution, although I hope you get an early xmas present instead :) I think I'm done with this site until I actually conceive. Too many baby thoughts going through my head! baby dust *** to all*****



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