AF March 9th Anyone Else

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Lauren P. - March 4

Hi all, just wondering if anyone would like to wait for this date together? I'm on a 28 day cycle, and I'm 9dpo today, and expecting AF on the 9th. Good luck everyone! X


mulgajill - March 4

yeah... i'll go there... af due march 10th which will be march 9th in USofA.... I am not too hopeful... haven't had any real signs until this morning... felt a bit queasy and a little crampy... so good luck... i will be testing on due date if there is no sign of AF... :-)


Lynn - March 4

hi there, my AF is due 9-10. I've been having symptoms, very sore b___sts, veins, cramps and twinges in the right side, very tired, low energy and my appet_te is all over the place. I'm 10dpo. Baby dust****************


enail - March 4

Hi Lauren: I am due March 8 or 9. I am 11 dpo. I had signs 4-5 days dpo (cramping, enlarged sore bbs, metallic taste, nausea) but they have gone away! I am sad that AF is coming (symptoms gone, not even PMS signs). Had m/c in Dec. and tried this cycle. I will wait with you --good luck to all.


mulgajill - March 4

enail... no pms signs sounds a little hopeful.... and you dont HAVE to have symptons to be pregnant.... we will wait and see i guess!!! Lynn... sounds promising... ****babydust**** all round...


Lynn - March 5

I was wondering and I just noticed that I have very tiny red spider veins on my b___sts. Does any one else have that or is that from me poking and prodding to much to see if I'm still sore, lol.


baby s - March 5

I am in the waiting game with all of you, for march 10th.. It seems like the time is just creapping by! Anyone eles feel this way?


enail - March 5

It is great to know there are other women who are going through this now (not that I wish you all the stress) but it nice to share these feelings with others who understand. Lately, have been so moody and teary. Could be PMS, other hormones, and/or stress of waiting. good luck to all.


Impatient - March 5

Yes! I feel like time is in a continuum of sorts. My hubby will be gone all of March/April during my next two ovulation cycles, so I am pretty nervous about it working this time. I am 11dpo and expecting AF on the 10th. I have had a number of other symptoms (slight pink/brown discharge, etc) but my bbs are not really sort like everyone else is discussing. Makes me wonder if everything else is in my head. Or, do your bbs actually HAVE to be sore? Hmm


caz - March 5

Just popped over from the 6dpo chat (hi Impatient!) and would love to share in the waiting game with you guys - AF due 10th. Am hoping BD on CD13 will have been successful - only symptoms are tired, moody & teary and a bit achey down below - fingers crossed it's not PMS... thinking positively for us all xx


Impatient - March 5

Hey Caz! Yeah, I popped over here when I realized I was writing to "6dpo" and was actually on day 11. haha. Anyway, I am frustrated with not being able to tell the diff between beginning PMS and what might actually be the real thing. Tapping fingers....


Poppins - March 5

Hi Lauren and gals. I am waiting till the 8th or 9th. I'll wait with you, too. E-nail, I am the same- same dates (I'm in Japan, though) and my symptoms are pretty much gone and I'm beginning to feel a little silly. Waiting to be sure and holding on to a smidge of hope. ++++++++++++++++++++++ to all of you!


mulgajill - March 5

yes... tapping fingers.... enail, teariness was a big sign for me last time i was pregnant, didn't notice any other sign, though wasn't looking, ... then period did not come... (my fella thought i was a bit unstable i think... but had a pos preg test 4 days after af was due, unfortunately had m/c at 11weeks)... am feeling a bit more hopeful at the moment... feeling a bit emotional and a bit nauseous & crampy or should that read c___ppy? Like the rest of us, is it the stress of waiting or pregnancy symptons??? Not too long to go now anyway... 4 days.... :-)


Lynn - March 5

Yesterday I had a cryfest because my b___sts didn't hurt as much as they did, this morning and today they still hurt its just more bearable. I don't know if that's a bad sign or has that happened to any of you? I have tugging cramps now, and I just feel c___ppy. So tired but sleep doesn't come, I just want to rest all the time. I want this so bad, but I'm driving myself crazy. They need to make a test that tells you if you have concieved or not. Good luck through this difficult period ladies!!!


Kaden - March 5

Hi....I'm waiting "patiently" for the 10th to arrive like everyone else. I'm 11dpo and my stomach is cramping slightly, i'm very tired and my b___sts are sore....Hoping this month will be different from the past 7 months. *****


lynette - March 5

Hey there Mulgajill! Thought I'd join you over here in the "land of hope". I thought I was expecting my period on about 17th March, but I stuffed up on my calendar and apparently it could be any day now (7-10th). Mind you, our bodies could still be doing weird things so I will try not to get my hopes up too high until at least the end of this week... Oh hell, who am I kidding!!!!??? Crossing fingers for us and everyone else on here ***


mulgajill - March 6

The day is over (11pm).... really c___ppy... fighting with my man... on any subject.. from lack of money to he shouldn't work so much, doesn't like my cooking.. etc etc..... yeah 4 days is a long way off... well only three tomorrow.... still feeling a bit crampy and VERY crabby.... it is either the stess of waiting or hormone hell.... so decided to visit Land of Hope for awhile... Lynette you are spot on... :-)



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