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LC - July 18

I am in my third month ttc and looking for others on the same schedule! I know I talked with many on another thread where we supported each other through the past month. yeah for those that got the bfp's and chin up to those who are in my situation and trying again this month! My story.....had a mc at 11.5 weeks on May 6th. (Only took 2 months to get pregnant that time.) Still dealing with the loss of that baby but we are trying again as we really want to be pregnant. This will be my first. LMP was 7/13 so we are officially starting our "schedule" of bding every other day. Tried that last month and it didn't work but going to try it again this month. I also plan to get opk's and track with those. Never used those before. Last cycles have been 36 days and 31 days so I know my body is still not on a regular cycle. According to the past couple months af should be here anywhere from 8/10 to 8/17. Such a large window of time...anyone else hoping af will NOT come during that week?! I hate the waiting part so lets do it together!


Cendy - July 18

Hi LC! I am so sorry to hear about you baby loss. I had a MC with my first pregnancy and it was devasting. I an understand where you are coming from. It is a very hard thing to go through. This will be our 10th month ttc. I too had my LMP on 7/13 but it was really wierd this month. I was late and after neg HPTs I went for the blood test and it came back a 2, so it was neg too. My LMP started on the 13 and stopped on the 14. Then started spotting brown on the 16. I don't know what is going on. I guess I am not pregnant, but I am on Clomid so maybe that is what is going on with me. I would love to wait with you if you would like that. I am trying to chart, using Preseed, Ovulation predictors, and the Clomid but it just does not seem to be working. Good luck to you LC. I wish us both much baby dust this month.


lax - July 18

good to see a post from you LC. I am expecting my no af around 08/15 to 08/18. Lets wait together. My story goes like this. I am married for 4 years now. And started ttc'ing only since 6 months. Mine is a travelling job, and I go home only on weekends. Which means we bd usually on weekends. Sometimes it sucks when my "O" days falls on weekdays and I am away from my dh. Next month, I am taking vacation for a week so that I can stay with my dh during those two good days. and hopefully I'll get a good result this next month. Just can't wait anymore.


bump - July 19



Shannon - July 19

Hey LC! I will also be waiting for no af anywhere from 8/11 to 8/16 as well. Here's my story. I had two mc's a very long time ago (1992), I got pregnant again in 1992 and started miscarrying the day after I found out I was pregnant. Dr. put me on progesterone and everything was fine until 7 1/2 months when I had abrupto placenta which resulted in an emergency c-section. I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter. I had not ttc since her birth in 1993 but have not had protected s_x in the past 1 1/2 years. I became pregnant in May 05 and had a missed mc on June 3rd with a d/c. I just got my first af on july 18th and usually (before m/c) have a 24 day cycle. Would love to wait together!


LC - July 19

Good to see a familiar face here and welcome to those waiting on next month too! Cendy have you been to the doctor to see what seems to be the trouble? Since you are on Clomid I guess I am a__suming that? Lax good to see you and am glad we can wait together again this month. What type of work do you do? Just curious as I wonder what sort of people I talk to on here all the time! Sometimes I like to talk about other things than cm, opk, hpts and all those other acronyms we use! Makes the time pa__s faster to hear other things too! Anyway, just curious! I think it is good idea to take that break and spend the week bding! I am jealous! :-) Shannon seems you have had a rough time...sorry for your losses. I know how hard it can be as I am still dealing with the loss of mine. Are you actively ttc now or just still not using any protection? Well off to see if dh is in the mood tonight (since tonight is suppose to be our "off" night!) Baby dust!


Ashley - July 20

Hi, I am also waiting for a no AF aroung 8/10. I have a two year and a half year old daughter and i am trying for # 2. I just had my second miscarriage (first one was a D&C in 4/05 and natural 7/10/05-had just had a + hpt and then AF started on schedule). I am going to start a opk on 7/22 and start bding every other day this week. hopefully this time it will work and stick. third time is a charm hopefully. :0)


lax - July 20

good to see others joining the thread. LC - I do business consulting. So I go to client places where ever they are. Go back to home on weekends. One more day close to "O" day. Still waiting.


Shannon - July 20

LC, didn't realize how much I wanted another baby until m/c. I am actively trying as of now. Was patiently awaiting af that took over six weeks to arrive after d/c. Finally arrived on the 18th. Not quite sure how my body is going to behave now regarding ovulation but I was on a very regular 24 day cycle. I hope it's back on track.


C. - July 20

Hi all! Sorry to hear about the m/c. I'd like to wait with you - next af is due 8/11 or 8/12 - hope it doesn't come! My story: this is the 3rd month ttc with our 1st. Last month I had a failed fertilization or a spontaneous miscarriage i guess it was a bad egg. I've my OPK and will start using it this weekend and I started temping as well. I'm also trying the Sperm Meets the Egg Plan I found online to see if that does the trick!! ~*~ Baby Dust to all!!~*~


Cendy - July 20

LC, I have been to the doctor. I just went yesterday for a 2 hour fasting blood sugar test to see if that might have anything to do with me not getting pregnant. I have low Progesterone and the Clomid is supposed to speed up hormones to produce it. I will just have to wait and see. C, I looked up Sperm Meets the Egg Plan and I found it very informative! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! I am going to try it this month.


Heather - July 20

I am hoping mine won't come 8/6/05, my husband and I have been tyring to get pregnant for month, wish us luck!


C. - July 20

Maybe we should all try the Sperm Meets the Egg Plan and see just how effective it is!! LOL. Hoping we all get BFP's and have April babies!!!!!


lax - July 21

Heather - looks like you would be the first in the thread to give us the BFP. Wish you luck and baby dust to all..


Courtney - July 21

Hey there ladies...I am on the same track. My DH and I are in our 2nd full month of ttc. I had a lot of symptoms last month but finally figured out that it was ovulation symptoms...darn that bcp. The learning curve on this ttc thing is definitely very big ;0). I am hoping that af will miss her trip on the 14th and be BFP instead. Hopefully the month goes by fast for all of us!


Ashley - July 24

Hi all. I just had a postive opk this morning. So hopefully all will go well and i will get a bfp soon. How is everyone else doing? anyone know the best schedule for bding after a postive opk?


Kate - July 25

Hey LC and all the dates are very similar to LC in that I miscarried about the same time and a pregnancy of the same age. I am still so down about that, but trying to be hopeful about the future. TTC in a low key way - don't want to make DH feel he is just a baby making robot to me (even though to be honest I am not really in the mood unless there is a possibility it could lead to a baby.....only sometimes though!!! I guess this stems from my miscarriage and thinking about my lost baby.) Fingers crossed for all of us....I got a tingle when I read someone's post above and them writing "April babies"....sounds great to me!!! Baby dust to us all and here's me hoping that I'm high and dry on August 14 and for 9 months after that.....and that I have many of you along for the ride....



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