Af Or Preg

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Ally - January 28

if u normally only get af signs days before it's due, what would cause u to get them many days before? especially 2 months in a row? i have them now and i'm confused about why they're showing so early. this happened last month as well. is it normal for ur cycle 2 change like this for no reason other than pg?


kim - January 28

I have irregular periods. About every 45 to 50 days. I use to not even have a period. Anyways my PMS symptoms last all month. So I think it could be due to a hormone imbalance.


Ally - January 28

thanks for your answer. my cycle is always regular though, every 28 days, lasts for 3 days, medium flow, pms symptoms come 3 days before i start. every month its like this, suddenly now its not!


jb - January 28

Ally, if you are thinking about wanting to get pregnant every month it can change hormones, every month you look for symptoms (pregnancy symptoms) and your mind can play funny tricks on you. believe me... the best advice is to stay away from the message boards for a whole month, keep yourself busy, take care of your body like you were pregnant though, and the only sign to look for is a missed period... when i read the message board every month during the two week wait, i seem to have all the symptoms every one on the board has only to be fooled by getting AF . dont get me wrong, i love conversing with everyone on the message boards but when i artificial inseminate again in Feb. i am going to stay away from the boards to see if it makes a difference. good luck to you and e-mail me at [email protected]


just want to know - January 28

anyone else feel the same?


LisaJ - January 28

JB is absolutely right. I could have SWORN I was pg. And NOW instead of my cycles being light, and 4 days (tops) now they are heavy for first 3 days, and then I spot for another 3 or 4! I think my mind has done this somehow. I also think my body is 'Telling' me - HEY! You're not pregnant, and I'm gonna prove it to ya! (I want my lighter, shorter periods back:(


see - January 28

anyone else?


QLeO - January 28

I agree with JB. When someone is desperate to get pregnant and thinking about it the whole time, you can actually stop af from coming because you want to get pregnant so badly.


jb - January 29

my AF started on jan.23rd and it was gone jan.25th. i did bleed normal with the usual small blood clots and cramps but it usually lasts longer than 2 days. my b___bs dont hurt but sometimes they have funny pains through them. my nipples and areola are alot different than normal, i threw up on the 24th in the morning and felt c___ppy for 2 hours , it went away and yesterday the 28th i started down with a headache, and my nose is stuffed up. dont know if its sinus infection or not.this morning i had a sharp pain in my right side it was really sharp and was only there for maybe 2 seconds. i have a headache on and off today . i took a test on thursday and it was negative ,should i take another one? i hope someone can answer as i plan to inseminate again feb. 6th but i feel different now.. my cervex is high and when i check it ,,it feels bruised.. it has cm around it too. thanks for everything in advance and i hope you can help.


kat - January 29

jb i think the signs are good,good luck :o)


jb - January 29

thanks kat,, do you think i should test again? if so when? i dont want to order sperm and already be pregnant. thanks again


kelsey - January 29

jb, you should test again, it sounds like you might be already


Ally - January 29

i appreciate what ur saying but u cant put everyone's symtpoms down as nothing more than wanting 2 be preg! i'm actually not trying 4 a baby, my bf and i are only 18, we just stupidly had unprotected s_x back in dec. i hadn't even given any thought to being preg til now, but my period was weird and i've had pms symptoms 4 over a month. it's only now i'm thinking that maybe i could be. i didn't bring anything on myself bc i wasn't thinking about it, at the time i just figured it was gonna be a really bad bleed! but anyway, thanks 4 the advice


B'Lana - January 29

Ally, honey, only you know your body and noone else. My husband keeps telling me I am not pg b/c the test said so, but guess what- no matter what I do I still feel pg. Only you can know the difference and you should follow your instincts. However, don't be disappointed if you'r not pg :) you have 20 more years to get there. I decided that I am going to baby my body, so should you- better safe than sorry. Just b/c test says no it doesn't mean you'r not pg. follow your instincts. Best of health and luck to you!



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