AF Possibly On Aug 30th 20 Yrs Old And Possible 1st Preg

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Alyssa - September 1

BFP BFP BFP! I took a test a couple of hours ago and I'm pregnant!! I'm so amazed. I just came off the patch a month ago and now I'm pregnant and this is our first time trying. Wow, I'm still in awe...


carolina - September 2

Hey Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow i am so happy for you! I knew u was preggo because when u get a faint line it means that is positive! wow. This is my first time trying too but i am not sure my period lasted 3 days it wasn't heavy i used like 2 pads a day and not because it was full but because i just had to change it. so basically i could have used one if i wanted but it is kinda discousting lol. My boyfriend still swears that i am pregnant and i was so nauseous and sooo tired last night but i dont throw up. i just dont know if i should take another test or just wait to my next cycle. I just cant beleive how tired i was last night and on top of that i still didnt go to bed until 11am because my bf's son was there. hopefully i am, me and my bf really want to form a family he has a son but he is hardley with him because his baby's mother is a BITCH lol. Well keep telling me your symptoms because i need your baby dust*****! oh by the way my abdominal has a very uncomfortable feeling especially at night it feels like mild cramps but i am not sure, are you having the same feeling?


Alyssa - September 6

Well, two days ago I did have a miscarriage :( It happens, but NOT NEXT TIME! So pray for next month.


carolina - September 8

Oh I am sorry to hear that! What does a miscarrige look like? And is it ok to get pregnant after a miscarrige? I am still feeling weird got cramp feelings in my abdominal but not sure it could be acid I have really bad constipation (sorry too much info) I never tried to get tested since I got my period but I still think it was too light I am just waiting for this cycle to end but I just decided to not try because when u least expect it u usually get pregnant so the less stress I am the better. Good luck for next cycle keep me updated and sorry again about what happened but we got this whole month to try! Praying for you!


Alyssa - September 8

Hey, it's alright. Everything happens for a reason. Well, a miscarriage is like a period but really heavy. It also has lots of clots, that are bigger then just your normal period clots (mine were very big.) You usually have severe cramping also when it's happening. At least this is all what I experienced, I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone. I really hope you are! That would be awesome. It doesn't sound like you have much to worry about, but it is hard to tell really what your body is doing. But we will just believe for the best! I'm praying and believing next month for sure! Snd yes, I can start trying after I'm done bleeding because mine was an early miscarriage. Usually if it happens later in pregnancy, then the doctors have you wait at least 3 months to start trying just so your body heals.


Alyssa - September 9

Sorry! When I say I really do hope you are I mean I really hope you are pregnant!



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