Af Showed Her Ugly Face So Sad Now

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cherryzz08 - January 16

AF showed on the 12th of january. Its gone now. But It surely was AF. Got a BFN too. We are going to pick up these pills called Fertilaid, also wanted to get PreSeed but Have NO clue where to buy it at. All well theres always this month. DH and I have been trying for 5 months, im 22 so I have no idea what the problem would be. Im still young, and fertile. I mean I have come close to cervical cancer, but that cleared. Im just so worried. Im going to take a nice HOT bath and relax. Good luck to you And LOTS of♥♥♥ ~***~baby dust.~***~♥♥♥


Kairi_x - January 16

how long do your periods usually last hun? did it finish yesterday or today? and are you definately definately sure it was a proper period? hope you're okay hun, stay strong xxxx


MelissaP - January 16

I know it's dissapointing to get BFN! I vomited in the morning the day I got a BFN...I totally thought I had a chance of a BFP..I think I ate something that didn't agree with me. Anyways...I started the next day...but here's to a new cycle! Cheer up chick..try not to let things get you will happen. Thats what I keep telling myself! =)


Woodsholli_06 - January 16

do you mind me asking what an AF is and a BFN is. I'm new to this site.


MelissaP - January 16

No problem Woodsholli =) AF-Aunt flow, BFN-Big fat negative, BFP-Big fat positive. Just a little slang..but it's fun!! Oh....and BD-Baby Dance, CM-Cervical Mucous


Woodsholli_06 - January 16

oh thank you so much. now i'm not lost.


Eljay - January 16

Hey cherry! AF Arrived for me yesterday :- ) I really thought we had done it this month! Melissa is right there is always next month huh?! I bought some OPKs this mth so we are gona try that, although gona try not to think about it too much. BABY DUST x


Abby L - January 16

I feel the same way...I was sure we hit the right time, but then AF came early. I took a pregnancy test before early because my husband has been working out of town and I wanted to tell him when he was home, and sure enough, my period came the next day, 3 days before expected! Doesn't AF always come the day after taking a pregnancy test?! Anyway, I'm only 23 and we decided to start trying a year and a half ago, we weren't seriously trying at first, but the past several months we have been and no luck. We did start temping and OPKs, so hopefully we'll get pregnant soon! Good luck to everyone!


K2 - January 16

Greetings ladies! I am with you as well! Did everything by the book, so to speak this month and had symptoms I NEVER get before AF and sure enough that mean little witch showed up last night! lol! URrrrgg! I just can't stand her! My cycles are a bit irregular and range from 26 to 36 days so it is even more frustrating! just try to keep your head up and stay positive! Thats the great thing about this site - we are all going through the same thing and can totally relate to one another! It is a true blessing!


MegGriffin - January 16

Hey Cherryzz08 Try to keep your chin up! It will happen for you! Like you said you and young and doing everything right. Dont fret it. I read online that typically a healthy couple will get pregnant in 6 months of trying to conceive. So hopefully this will be your month! <3 . baby dust!


icelandmommy - January 16

Sorry hon....I am still waiting, wondering if I am going to have 2 periods this month or if its a little one maybe As far as the Preseed if you look it up you can find several sites to purchase it (they wont let me paste url's here)..good luck and baby dust to us all:)


Macy - January 17

Sorry about af Cherry, read your other threads and was rooting for you! ABBY, it's funny you should say af arrives day after testing, last cycle I was a week later than normal, got a BFN and af came next day, I was so down! Now I'm in the tww again. Good luck, you are definitely not alone in this.


cherryzz08 - January 18

AF started January 12th, and ended the 15th, but was spotting on the 14th. My periods usually lasted 8 days. But last month and this month they were very short.


cherryzz08 - January 18

I always get AF the day after Testing haha that is so funny. I need to hold that impulse this month I guess. Im really hoping that I just get a BFP Good luck ladies and Baby dust to all of us!!



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