AF Showed Up Waiting For No AF Oct 26

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Deb - October 7

Hey all..hope you find the new thread. Here's to many BFP's this month!!!!


DJ - October 7

Does any one have any suggestions on BBT taking. Mines all over the place. Any suggestions on a good OPK?


Deb - October 7

Hey DJ. I keep my thermometer under my mattress and just lean over in the am when I wake up to take it. Dont get out of bed. Try that if you can!!! I have always used the Eckerd brand opk and it worked for me!!!


Angie - October 7

Hey Deb, how's it going? Long time no here.....We'll I'm ready, this month. I think I got this ttc down pack (: We’ll I’m glad to here from you, I hope it goes well at your doctor’s visit. I got my robintussin, prenatal vitamins, and a lot of pa__sionate bding. I have been trying not to keep up with my cycle days, so that I want go crazy on symptoms or hpts. Me and DH have been bding every day and sometimes every other day. If I don’t get a bfp in the next 3 months, I will be going to the doctor too. I hope we all get BFP’s this month and can plan to have a July due date. Have you O yet? Are you still using preseed and robintussin?


Deb - October 7

Hey Angie. I stopped all of that and just started trying with nothing. I stopped charting this month to see if the stress would go down. We are doing the every other day thing this month to see if it works. I am really ineterested to see what the doc will do first next week. I am very anxious to go!!!! I am due to ov on Wed 10/12..and my appt is 10/13. Hope that is a good thing!


Cindy - October 7

Very best wishes, girls!


Mel - October 7

Deb - Hey you! I was happy to find you on here! I haven't been on in a long while. I was thinking about you today and whether you got a bfp last month so I wanted to try to track you down. : ) Obviously no bfp for me either. Although my period this month was SO odd. I am thinking about calling my dr. about it. It was very light. The first 3 days I didn't even fill a whole tampon all day long. Then the next 2 days I only used a panty liner and didn't fill that either. Only light spotting the last couple days. Very strange. Also it was VERY dark brown this month. Not real red as it usually is. It makes me wonder whats going on with my body. My temps are flat right now after they were all over the place last month. I'm still temping and charting although I agree with you about how it may increase stress levels. Every time your temp takes a small dip you worry about it all day. Not needed. I hope all goes well with the dr next week. I'll check in again soon to see how things are going! Take care!


Angie - October 10

Good Morning ladies, Mel - good idea I would call a doctor or take a hpt. Deb I think that might be a good idea. I have been trying not to focus on the signs. I don't know what cd I'm on, af is due the 21st.


Deb - October 10

Hey Mel. Yeah I havent been posting much either. Its weird..I am actually getting the egcm this month for the past 2 days and i am not due to ovulate till the 13th (2 more days). We are bding though just in case. Thinking maybe snce I havent been levels are actually normall. I have my dctr appt on Thurs and I am very nervous now. It will actually be the day after ovulation for me so I hope them poking and prodding around..doesnt mess anything up for me this month!! I will tell them before they do anything that I am around ovulation time..maybe there is still something they can do and it wont affect my chances this month!! I just hope it happens soon for all of us! This is getting so frustrating!!! Thats weird about your af Mel! I never know what to think of my body Its always doing something different! Well baby dust to everyone for BFP!!!


Deb - October 11

How is everyone today? Anyone ovulate yet? i might have ovulated very early this month (3 days early). I think I will know for sure tomorrow depending on what my temp is!


Angie - October 11

Doing fine this morning, and had a good weekend. I’m really trying to stay calm and patient, this 2 week wait is killing me. I’m on dpo4 or dpo5, I really don’t have much to report, I had a headache for the last two days, cramping on and off, sore b___st (when I apply pressure) – that’s it. My goal was to bd every other day, just in case dh had sperm problems. However, we got caught up every day, he wanted to bd twice a day. Wasn’t haven’t that, he’s younger (I’m struggling to keep up) just kidding …… (: The only thing that I’m doing different this month, is I started to exercise more and I’m taking a vitamin every day. Well Deb good luck with your visit on Thursday, did they tell you what this appt was going to entail. I found out I was pregnant with my first at the fertility specialist, here’s to sending baby dust your way *************** Baby Dust ****************************


Heather to Deb and Mel - October 11

Hey Deb and Mel! I was happy to find both of you but sad to see your both still trying. I am 14 weeks now, hard to believe we all started out trying together! My baby is moving and I am showing (nothing pre-prgnancy fits anymore)(not even my bras, lol). Well my thoughts are with both of you and I hope this is your months, talk to both of you soon. Baby dust to all of you - Heather


Deb - October 11

Hey Angie. They havent said anything. They just made the appt. I am suppose to ovulate between today and no chances them being able to tell I was pregnant that soon. In fact..I am a little scared all that poking and prodding they may be doing..will hurt my chances. Hope not!!! Thanks for the baby dust!!!!!! Heather - I was looking for you this morning to try and check in with you. Thought I found you in the 2nd trimester forum (April Baby 2006) but wasnt sure if that was you. I didnt want to intrude on the post. Glad everything is going well with you. I am praying somehting happens this month! This is really starting to takes it toll. I mean I have a regular cycle, I ovulate (I can tell by my temps), my luteal phase is normal..yet no baby. Making me start to worry about my hubby. We already talked that he is going to have to get tested soon..and he was ok with it. I was a little nervous to bring it up to know how guys can be all macho. Thank god he wants this as much as me! Thanks for the well wishes and I hope this is our month as well!!!! I am keeping everything crossed and actually have a good feeling for this month!


DJ - October 11

hey Deb, ask the doctor if he'll do a progesterone test on you... that tells them if you ovulated or not. Not sure if you would have but if you're sure of the date a progesterone test is a good sign that an egg was released.


Angie - October 12

Good Morning Ladies. Hey Deb, I was afraid to bring it up to my hubby too, thinking the situation was too sensitive. We'll he finally brought it up and suggestion that if nothings happens this month we were going to the doctor. He was with a woman for 5 years prior to me and never got her pregnant. DJ - what does that progesterone test entail? I can feel myself O every month, yet I can’t help but to wonder if I was actually releasing an egg. Since the pain was there and I only O out of my right tube. Today is cd20 for me; I don’t feel anything today, just the af-like cramps (feels like a lot of pressure). & my milky white discharge has completely dried up, nothing (bone dry). I was wondering if the vitamins could do that, because I never been like that before…..Ladies we all need a BFP, good luck. Everybody have a good one!!!!


Deb - October 12

I will ask him that! I actually may reschedule my appt for tomorrow cause it turns out a friend of the family now practices with my I want to get an appt with him which might not be till next week. I trust he will do more for me since he is good friends with my parents! My temp was up again today so I think I actually ovulated 2 days early..which happens every few months (hense i get my period 2 days earlier) but we will bd tonight just to be sure. So then I wont be as close to ov as I thought I would be for the appt. I agree with you Angie. I know I ov..but wonder if I am acutally releasing an egg. Its like you wish you could see it all happen!


Deb - October 12

Hey there! I have been posting on April mommies, but nont of the post have been like the first one we were on! I have struggled to find a connection with any of the other posts like the one I started on with you guys. I actually was keeping in touh through e-mail with a girl from one of the other forums and at 13 weeks she just lost her baby, so sad. I was pretty shocked to hear she miscarried, everyone always says once you reach the 2nd trimester your chances decrease, how sad for her. Anyways, I am happy to hear everyone sounds good and happy BDing and waiting. - Heather



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