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etaylor - February 15

I still haven't gotten my period and am wondering if I am pregnant. I tested last week, and it was a BFN. My last period started Dec. 21st, and I normally have 28-32 day cycles. This week in the mornings, I have been waking up feeling like I am about to start my period. I have that mild nausea feeling that you get when you are cramping during your period, but I am not cramping like I usually do a week before my period. Also, other signs I have is my face being more greasy than normal with a breakout of zits, fatigue, and bloating. I noticed a common pregnancy symptom is soreness of br___ts and/or nipples, and mine are not sore, but have had sharp, tingling pains in them. I want to know is there anyone or has anyone heard of someone that didn't have sore br___ts or nipples when they found out they were pregnant? Is that usually a symptom that women get after their BFP? I might get another hpt and test again.


sarahd - February 15

I would definitely test again, and keep testing once a week until you've missed two periods. If that happens and you still don't get a positive, get the doc to run a blood test and maybe check for cysts. I didn't have sore b___sts/nipples until about a week after I got my bfp. Good luck!


etaylor - February 16

Thanks sarahd for your response! Well, I took a hpt last night and got a negative. However, after I took it, I read on the instructions that you should not drink a lot because it will dilute your urine. Well, DH and I had just been out to eat, and I drank two gla__ses of sweet tea so I am wondering if maybe it was a false BFN. I think I am going to buy another test, but I am going to wait a few days because dh and I are on a budget. I still have all my symptoms that are listed above except the feeling that I am going to start af that I had in the mornings went away. I am going crazy because I want to know what's wrong with my body?!


cjone - February 16

Keep testing like sarahd said - otherwise do meet with the dr. I didnt have sore b___sts or nipples when I found out I was pregnant. There is also a possibility that you ovulated unusually late.


etaylor - February 16

Thanks, cjone! I was wondering myself whether or not I had ovulated very late. I would be very happy if I found out that I was pregnant. Not knowing and the wait is killing me!


etaylor - February 19

Hey everyone! I tested this morning with my first urine. It was a BFN! Still no af either and my symptoms are starting to go away except the bloating and fatigue, and I haven't gotton any new symptoms. I've been testing with the same brand. Should I get another brand? Has anyone out there got negative hpts and still turned out pregnant?


etaylor - February 20



KeiraYvette - February 20

etaylor i suggest seeing your doctor for some blood work.. i had the same thing happen last year, turned out to be polycystic ovaries and the first dr i was seeing just kept sending me for blood pregnancy tests... was my second dr that diagnosed it.. least with a blood test u will know for sure if your pregnant or not..



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