Af Tonight Waiting No One Answered My Question

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lori - May 26

I am expecting af tonight. she usually comes when I am sleeping. Yesterday I had meetallic taste in my mouth. It was so gross. I dont know what this is from but I hope it is a baby. Me and my fiance were trying. But after 5 months you give up hope a little.after I smoke acigerette and get up I get a little light headed and this has never happened before to me. Not when I was pregnant befor emy mc. I hope this is a baby but I am not going to get my hopes up but I am praying. Good luck to all ttc. :()


wondering - May 26

did you get af?? you can take a hpt


lori - May 26

she starts when I am sleeping every month on the 26th exactly. She is never late and never early so if I dont start tonight or tomorrow I will take one


Concerned - May 26

Lori hope you get your bfp - but please try to stop smoking now before waiting to see if you are pregnant. The first few weeks before you even know you are pregnant are very important for the developing embryo and smoking is not good! I'm sure you have already thought of this but I would just urge you to think about stopping sooner rather than later. Take care


Concerned2 - May 26

Lori, concerned is right you should stop smoking right away, not to lecture you, but my sister smoked while she was pregnant on both her kids, and they are always sick..i think its from the it for yourself-and you baby! all the best to you!


Ang - May 26

yes smoking is bad but I did it with both my pregnancies and believe it or not they both have very high immune systems...very healthy.....where as my sister-in-law has never smoked a day in her life and all 3 of hers are always sick


jue - May 26

I have smoked for about 20 yrs and through both of my pg's with my son's and they have no medical problems, and both my parents smoked when they had me and my 2 brothers and sister and we are all ok, but everyone has their own feelings and their own point of view. good luck and let us know your hpt result.



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