After 2 Years Of Ttc Finally Know Whats Wrong

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LN030905 - October 25

Dont know how many of you girls remember me as I have been taking a break from this site, however, after almost two years of ttc, Dh and I have went through testing. Today the DR went over the results with us and so, I have been diagnosed with PCOS. My FSH to LH ratio is 3:2. Dh's sperm count came back as being 1million compared to where its supposed to be up around 20million. Also the motility of them is not where it should be. So, this is just a bump in the road for us..I am going to concentrate on getting both of us to the healthiest point we can be and DH will be seeing a urologist for some problems he had with his urethra a few years back. So, we are on our way!!


kelly607 - October 25

I remember you I only come on here occasionally I normally just be nosey however wanted to say I wish you all the luck in the world and now that you know what is wrong you can get it all sorted out, as you said it's just a bump in the road and hopefully you'll be a mummy very soon :o) xx


LN030905 - October 25

Thanks, Kelly! Thats very nice! I wish you all the luck, also!


Elisabeth S - October 25

hey LN I have pcos and am overly fertile! i know, sounds weird, but i have to use tons of birth control methods to not get pregnant and i think it is from this program i did for it. I took medications for years for my pcos but they stopped working, and i found this "pcos insulite system"...its this set of herbal formulas that reverse pcos...actually cure it instead of masking it like perscriptions....just a suggestion if you ever don't want to be on perscription meds or if they don't help u...i don't have any pcos symptoms anymore.... i think the website is sure ill double check...or google "pcos insulite system." i did really well on can control pcos and I am sure you will conceive soon! good luck!


NinaS82 - October 25

Hello LN. Im sorry to hear about your PCOS. Im glad you found out now so you can be on your way to getting healthy and getting your BFP! I will pray for you. Good luck :)


Natasha - October 26

hey Lerin, that is great to finally know why. It took us more than 4 1/2 years to find out why! At least now the docs can do something. Elizabeth, I have PCOS too and I am going to check out that site. Can I ask if you had any hair issues cos that is the one thing that gets down the most about it?


LN030905 - October 26

Thanks girls! I am happy to finally know whats going on. I knew something was wrong somewhere bc my face has really broken out the past few years and my weight has ballooned. My eating habits have changed some but not nearly as much as what they seem like they have! I have gained over a 100 lbs in 4 years. So, Im happy to know something is there and its not all in my head. Dh is a lil bummed about his side of the problem but if god wants us to be parents, he will make us one way or another. Im confident in that! Natasha, it was so good to see you posted. How have you been?


Elisabeth S - October 26

natasha it is saw results after about 5 months...i used the system for a year, you have to take a bunch of herbs everyday but it really worked for i can eat basically whatever i want and stay thin after 12 years of starving myself because i put on weight so fast from 24 now...i have regular periods, no acne, and no hair loss though i did have a little hair loss a few years ago right after i got diagnosed and my pcos was at its peak....when pcos gets bad all the symptoms show but i don't have any symptoms anymore!!!! please look at the website girls, it explains infertility and pcos too.....i hope this helps you



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