After Mc On Bcp S For A Month And Get To Start Over

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lanislee - May 13

Hi there! I'm sure some of you remember me. I got off bcp's in oct 07 and had a 37 day cycle, then a 48 day cycle and then at 75 days the next time found out we were 4-5 weeks pregnant only to have a mc 3 days later. Anyway, my doctor put me on yaz for 1 month and now we can start trying again, so I'm hoping I get af either today or tomorrow then I can start counting my cycle days. I'm so excited, but nervous at the same time. This will be our second child whenever it does happen. Not looking forward to the 2ww's again but its gotta be done! Good luck everyone, let's see some bfps!!!


lillybug - May 13

Welcome back Lanislee!!!!! I'm so glad your back trying, I remember chatting with you before on earlier threads, so what cycle day are you on today?


cblack - May 13

Lanislee... I will be praying for you to get a BFP soon... Here's to May being your month!


Tiggy - May 13

Hi lanislee! Welcome back! I'm on CD 4 and I starting temping this cycle so its actually exciting for me. They are starting to regulate, had the best one yet! All the best this cycle and hope everything works out this time around!


breezieb - May 13

Hi Lanislee - I am kinda new here (couple weeks) I also had a mc (Dec) and after d-n-c I went on one pack of seasonique (3mth pill) to heal. I took my last active pill in mid april and AF still hasn't showed. I am hoping I O'd around MAy 1st or 2nd cause of cm and ovary twinges. When did you take your last active pill?Good Luck I hope you get your bfp soon!


lanislee - May 14

Hey ladies! Thanks for all the support. Actually today is the 2nd day of inactive pills and still no period. She put me on yaz so hopefully I get it in a day or 2 and then my cycle can begin!! I'm so excited about trying again but it seems like the days just drag on! I'm going to start using opk's this time, it's the first time I've used them so we'll see how it goes. How's is everyone else doing?? Cycle days?? symptoms??



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