After Miscarriage Do I Rely On 2 Weeks Before I Ovulate

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Alyssa - September 6

I was just wondering. My period is usually a 28-29 day cycle. Always regular. My last period was on Aug. 3rd. I got pregnant. Now if I wouldn't have pregnant, I should have got my period around Aug. 30th. I didn't because I was pregnant. But now that I have miscarried :( I was wondering how I count my days till ovulation. Do I count it from the day that I started to bleed with my miscarriage, or do I count from the day that I should have got my period? I got pregnant this last time from calculating my ovulation date, so I'm believing it will happen again :)


Alyssa - September 6

Please, any response it would be really helpful in trying this month.


my situation too! - September 6

Alyssa, your situation is the exact same as mine....almost to the date!! I was wondering the same thing. I did read from some women on this site who m/c that they ovulated 2 to 3 weeks after the bleeding started, so I think I may start testing with ovulation predictor's around that time. wish you luck!


Alyssa - September 6

Awesome! I would love to keep in touch and see if either (or both) of us get pregnant this time around!


Blaire - September 6

yeah! Keep me updated on you situation....and I'll do the same. My periods are usually 28 to 29 day cycles. my last period was on Aug 5....miscarried around Sept hope to ovulate around the week of Sept. 14th. keep in touch


? - September 6

I mc in may and your cycles might be messed up for a few months. You may not also get af for about 6 weeks after you stop bleeding. Keep in mind that most women don't o right after a mc. Don't be discouraged and take good care of your bodies so you can get a +++


Blaire - September 6

to ? - your right I may not ovulate for another month or so, but I was thinking since my m/c was was extremely early (it had been exactly 2 weeks since my ovulation when I found out I was pregnant)..then a day later the bleeding and horrible cramping started. I was thinking that my body had not had enough time to change allot, so maybe it would not take as much time to get back on track. anyway, I am crossing my fingers.


curious - September 6

absolutely not. i m/c in feb and every month has been wackier than before. my doctor confirmed that ovulation does not happen 2 weeks before af for everyone. i currently ovulate on the 21st or 22nd day of my cycle and get an af 20 days later. yes i am averaging a 41-42 day cycle. after my m/c i went 37 days, 35, 32, 39, 43 and currently i am on day 42. watch your cm and cervix location closely and back it up with a opk.


to curious - September 6

im experiencing the same thing, i had a miscarriage in may, it took six weeks for af to come, next cycle was 33 days, waiting for 3rd af since m/c, this cycle is 35 days so far! didnt realise they got longer? silly question maybe, but do you know how long it takes for cycle to return to "normal"? if it ever does that is!! thought i was preg, but keep getting bfn on hpt's


SHA - September 7

I had a mis in April this year, and I was eager to try as soon as possible...But the docter said 3 months which is In July, but as soon as the bleeding stopped I resumed s_xual relations, But didnot get pregnant...I had three regular periods after,And now I'm thinking I might be pregnant...I guess just try as much as you can but don't calculate and focus on it, once I stopped I guess it happens ...Hold Thumbs for me


bean - September 7

Alyssa - I m/c'd at 5 weeks in May. I started counting from the day I started bleeding and got my next af exactly on time, 28 days later. Now obviously everyone is different, but I just wanted to share my experience. I also heard that you are most fertile 3 cycles after your m/c. And, I got pg (am now 7 wks) in August, exactly 3 cycles after the m/c. I've talked to other ladies on this board who've had the same 3 cycle experience. Sorry to hear about your m/c. Sending you babydust!!!!


chemical pregnancy?? - September 7

what if your m/c was a chemical pregnancy and came out with your normal period? you think it would still take 3 months to concieve?



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