Ahhhhhhh RASH

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angelinakai - February 13

Did any of you have a rash when you were pg? I have this rash all over my body, esp my stomach and back, and no one knows what it is and it won't go away. I tried antibiotics and cream and all kinds of stuff. My husband has not caught it and no one else that i have been around has. I have these itchy little patches all over me and little tiny red dots too. its sooooo itchy!!! i don't think it is bc of the cold weather bc it is spreading... now its going to my scalp. PLEASE HELP!!!


Patti - February 13

Sounds like you're allergic to something. I've gotten that rash when taking sulfa antibiotics. Take some benadryl, stop any antibiotics and cream and call your Dr. By the way, Benadryl is perfectly safe if you are pregnant. It's on my list of over the counter meds safe for pregnancy. Good luck!


j. - February 13

Have you gone to the doctor? And did they say it's pregnancy related? It sounds like it could be shingles.....from the way you described it.....


Emily - February 13

a lot of women get a rash while pregnant. I would talk to your doc about how to treat it...


Justine - February 13

I started to develop a rash at about 15 weeks pg. At first it seemed to start as an allergic reaction to my new bra but even when I stopped wearing it, the rash still spread to my stomach, back and arms. Night time is the worse where the itching keeps me awake most of the night. Initially the dr prescribed steroids but I refused and so suggested benedryl which didn't work. I have found that calamine lotion helps but that won't be much use for you if it has spread to your scalp. I would definitely go and see your dr as I know how crazy the itching can send you.


angelinakai - February 13

patti and j... the dr thought it could have been either of those, but i used stuff to get rid of shingles and it didnt work and i can't think of anything differnt that i am using that it would be an allergic reaction to. But, i took a pg test this morning and it was + and i took another one and it had a really really faint +. So i am going to the dr this afternoon. Emily and Justine, thanks for the advice. I think I am going to get some calamine after i talk to the dr :)


Patti - February 13

Congrats! Sorry, I'd never heard of a rash being pregnancy related. Oh well, this board is a great learning experience! Again congrats on your bfp. I hope you have a healthy, happy 9 months!



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