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natalya - February 12

im 17 i am a week late for my period.this hs never happened before. im like clckwork. im not sure whether or not i am pregnant. i had a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago, a week before my period was due. could this be negative because it was t early. y breats are swllen and sore, my mouth is always dry, i keep getting fatigued and headaches are all the timne. i even feel nausaous!!!!! am i pregnant.


j - February 12

hi natalya. yes, testing 1 week before your period was due was probably too early. check again. you could even call planned parenthood and get an appointment for a test there. did you use protection? do you remember when you had intercourse? be careful - there are worse things than being pregnant nowadays (STDs), so make sure you get on the pill AND use condoms if you are s_xually active. best of luck to you.


natalya - February 12

i am engaged so i knw who the ather is and i knw he hasnt got anything (thast if there is a baby) i used to use protectin but i cant take the pill anymore as i had a bloodclot they wont give it to me and im allergic to condoms. its really difficult so i have been trying not to have s_x round the ovulation periods but i dont know how uch that would do. i have had s_x nearly every day since about august (apart from when i was on my periods) do they have a planned pregnancy centre in england?


j - February 12

i'm not from the uk, so i can't necessarily help you out with the pregnancy center. there must be something though! i'm thrilled that you are in a serious relationship - that will make things better, regardless, and takes the std worry away. what about a diaphragm? spermicidal lubricant? if all else fails, try charting your temperatures, and you will detect a pattern as to when you are fertile and when you aren't.... good luck.


natalya - February 12

i think i shudl try the charter, i have serious alergies to creams and have been advised against lubricant spermicide. whats a cap? thankyou so much for your help. can i use a cap even if i am pregnant. what do i do if iam?


janet - February 12

why would you use a cap if you were pregnant??? some people are ignorant!!!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 12

S_x every day without protection, a missed period, sore b___bs, fatigue and nausea all add up to a high probablility of pregnancy. Why don't you take another preg test tomorrow morning first pee? You may not have to worry about contraception for a while. Good luck! The National Health Service must have a clinic for you nearby.


natalya - February 12

janet, i was talking about the cap if im nt pregnant, and some peple are just so rude. do you come on here just to slag people off, coz half the messages i have seen you post have been very rude.


tiffani - February 12

Natalya ~ Janet does tend to be rude and offensive doesn't she? Don't worry about her, she seems a bit bitter. Back to you... I think now is a good time to test again since you're a week late. Let us know what the results are. :o)


coco - February 12

Natalya, i am from the UK and u can go to a family planning center, it's free and they offer advice and help women a lot . Ask ur GP for the nearest one. Good luck to u !


natalya - February 12

thankyou coco. what do they do tho i wasnt really planning a family, it jmay have just happened.


louise - February 12

baby doll, look after yourself, you may not plan this, but it could be the best iricle of your life. think carefully of your choices, i guessing you are pregnant. you sound it. dont worry just take one steep at a time and youll be fine


Ceilidh - February 12

natalya- family planning clinics do a range of things, its not nessicerily for people who have planned pregnancy... they also give out morning after pill... and do pregnancy testing free of charge, and are there also for general advice! if i was you i wuld visit one as soon as possible! good luck


natalya - February 12

thankyou for all your help. if you have anymore, it woul greatly be appreciated.


Little Helpful - February 12

Hi Natalya, It would probably be the best if you did a blodd test. Best wishes to you dear!! I know what it is.....it gets us mad doesnt it LADIES? When something is going wrong and we do not have any idea what! Good luck to you :)


Coco - February 12

Natalya, when u go to a family planning center, u can 1st have a urine preg. test done, and then u can discuss with the nurse there about all the possibilities, if u are pregnant and unsure about what decision to take , they can also help , it's free and confidential.And although ur still under age, ur parents don't have to know u've been there if u don't want them to know.Tell the nurse what's on ur heart and she'll take it from there.


Coco - February 12

Natalya, it's called a family planning center but it's not necessary for women who planned a family, that's just the way they call it. In U.S they call it parenthood center. Good luck !



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