Alien Abduction Pregnant

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Kelly - October 25

I know this sounds weird, but I had a dream that I was abducted by aliens and now I am late for my period? I have sore bbs,lots of cm,heartburn and a very light bfp! I am scared I will give birth to some creature! What should I do?!


oh my - October 25

first you go to the doctor and see if you really are pregnant, then you seek a good therapist for the other part


della - October 25

oh, but alien babies are so cute!


Melissa - October 25

Have you been s_xually active AT ALL since your last cycle?....I think this is a hoax...but if not.......go to the doc to confirm your test.......and like "oh my" a therapist. Maybe we will see you and your alien baby on the cover of the Enquirer in 9 months.....


Kelly - October 25

no s_x, just alien dreams!


Melissa - October 25

So because of your dream you decided to take a pregnancy test?...That's odd, especially if you have not been s_xually active. Good luck...


bump it - October 25



n - October 25



Allie - October 26

I don't know what to think of this one, but the responses are pretty funny!!!


Kelly's alien friend - October 26

Simple..You should marry the Alien that impregnant u!!! I hope he is not 4 eyes, 3 feet and live in water..


,,,,, - October 26

I think u should find that alien and make him make an honest woman of you!!!!!! The chilalien needs a FATHER!!!! what a toad..... deserting you like that....


lol - October 26

what the heck lol. Why does a woman stumple onto a page like this and be thinking something like that. I definitely think she needs therapy just for that


Maury - October 28

In the words of Maury Provich...Alien, you are NOT the father.


my opinion - October 28

every one is ent_tles to thier thoughts, questions. This is a forum for support. And obviously this gal needs support, I think that is cruel to harra__s some one like this. Maybe you all need a therapist.


To you all - October 28

This really gave me a good laugh...I can't even explain this one to the hubby!!! Oh well, we're all a little


ha - October 28

my opinion, are u the alien?


Zorfy Zorfian - October 28

Hi Kelly, I am from the planet Zorf. I'm sorry about my brother, Zelnarf, doing that to you. Sigh... he always had troubles with the lady Zorfians on my planet. I guess he got desperate and mated with a lesser being.



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