All About Implantation Bleeding

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Julianna - January 24

I know that implantation bleeding is suppose to occur 6-8 days after conception, but can it come earlier than that? Has any of you ladies who have been pregnant before experience that?


Deb - January 24

Implantation bleeding really isn't that common. It gets a little b__wn out of proportion on this forum because everyone wants to hold on to the hope that it is not AF. Less than 20% of women experience it. I think it would be unlikely to get it before 6 days, since it takes 6 - 12 days for an egg to implant and then a couple of days for the blood to leave the body. What you might be experiencing is ovulation spotting. When the follicle bursts to release the egg, sometimes it causes a little blood to be released. There are quite a few women on this forum who experience this, not every month but sometimes. Hope this helps!


JJ - January 25

It is all so confusing ib and af symptoms, I have never experienced ib before but this month have had ew stringy brownish mucus around the time of af. hasnt turned into full b__wn af which was due a couple of days ago. hoping it wont but am slowly resigning myself to the fact af will rear its ugly head very sooooon!!!! even tho I had 3 BFP's at 10 and 11 dpo. still have sore puffy bbs and peeing for all and sundry. who knows.(chemical pregnancy??) I'm sure I will be ttc again next cycle. babydust to us all.........


BrendaW - January 25

JJ i think that if you have had 3 positive test that you are pregnant. If a test is positive there is HCG hormone in your system. I have known a few women that have had with there first period due at time of pregnancy a very light period only lasting 1-3 days and that is just people i know personally. I also know and know of a few people, surprisingly more than you would think, that have a period the whole time or part of the time they are pregnant. This light period or spotting could be implantation bleeding. I have been pregnant in the past but never had implantation bleeding. This month I did experience, 10 days earlier than i should be having Af 1 day of light spotting. Though what this means, i dont know i have had 2 bfn's so do not hold much hope that i am pregnant. But i think you should make an appointment with your doctor because i believe that you are. Every women's body is different and when you experience something you know is not usual then yes you should question it.



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