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again06 - February 6

Hello - i need some advice - cannot talk about this with anyone! Out of nowhere - About 2 weeks ago i had a VIVID dream that i was br___tfeeding a baby . The next day my br___ts were HUGE , swollen, and tender. Last week i was feeling dizzy, almost passed out , nauses. I have continued to have to urinate all the time. The past two days , incl. today i am crampy, but not like normal I am def moody , crazy moody. Not like normal When i wipe its dry, not excessive mucus I am tired all the time - nap during the day - still sleep fine at night. Excessive drooling !(weird, i know , but i have never drooled like this!) Hot at night , freezing during day My period is due today - tommorrow. My husband and i are not using any birth control , sometimes this past month he has pulled out though. Tests from over counter are too exspensive , i want to wait until next week when i am a week late to buy one. Like i said earlier in my post - it all started with that dream. It came out of nowhere - we are not trying , but now i am obsessed. I feel i have no patience. Any of you out there in cyber land get pregnant by pull out method? Does anyone think these signs are of pregnancy? Maybe i could test on Valentines Day? What does anyone think?


kristen - February 6

i think it sound like u are preg to me !!!! u culd prob test on V day..since ur af is due today or tomorrow..i was having weird dreams when i found out i was preg...unfortunately i am having a m/c right now,which is very sad ...but we will hopefully b trying again once this is over...Good luck .the symptomssound good to me!!


again06 - February 6

Kristen, i am very sorry to hear about your m/c. I wish you love and luck .


Lin - February 6

It is certainly possible that you're pregnant. The pull out method is not effective as birth control in any appreciable way. Don't bother with store bought tests - they're way too expensive - you can buy loads of cheapie tests that come out to under $1 each online on various websites or on Ebay. Spend the extra cash you were going to spend on a store-bought test to ship them quickly, and you'll have lots of early tests for the price of one or two store-bought tests that aren't as sensitive.


again06 - February 6

thank you Lin, since this has come up for me its all i think about.


Lin - February 6

I think that most of us on here can understand your obsession. We all go through it two weeks out of every month.


Daisy - February 6

I am feel as if I am in a very similar situation. I had a miscarriage in September in my 7th week. I had 28 day cycles right on the nose after that. Every 4th Wed at 8am, I knew my period had come. They lasted for 3 days each month. In Jan. I was 2 days late. I didn't panic, just waited it out and everything seemed fine. A week into my cycle I had a fabulous dream that I was pregnant and at a social for my husbands job (he's in the Navy). I woke up and went to the bathroom to pee, and I was soaked in cm. For the past 2 1/2 weeks, I've worn a panty liner because it's really bad. I don't usually have any discharge until I ovulate. The next night I told him about the dream. He told me that he had just found out (the morning after my dream) that there was a huge Spring social planned for all of the Sailors and their loved ones. He pointed out how strange it was that I had been late that month and that we weren't sure when I would ovulate due to the late period. I was suppose to ovulate between the 25th and the 27th, but I never had any symptoms, and upon checking my cervix, I found that I was low and hard for the entire week I was suppose to ovulate. I a little confused because I am usually really soft. Did I miss my body ovulating? Is it possible the I ovulated a week after my period instead of 2 weeks? I am due for my period sometime between wed and fri of this week...any thoughts?


AshleyB - February 6

You could get tests called "New Choice" at your local dollar tree. They are sensitive, accurate and reliable and most importantly only $1! Good Luck it sounds promising.


ladygirl - February 7

Daisy i am due around friday too! did a HPT today but was negative but am experiencing pink discharge on my underwear only a tiny amount so i havent given up. I have been having what feel like mild period cramps for the past week but today they have eased off somewhat. I am taking a blood test tomorrow and will have results on friday. Hope you get and I get a positive by then, Good luck :)



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