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bre - June 10

Can pregnancy signs just be in your head. You know how people can make themselves sick. Can you make yourself have the signs. LIke if you think your br___t are sore so much that they actually be sore for example?


yes - June 10

unfortunately, yes, that is what is called a phantom or ghost pregnancy.


bre - June 10

Oh no so that means that the symptoms that i've been having can just be made up in my mind? I sure hope not


bre - June 10

Okay, some symptoms that i have are sudden headaches that comes and goes, um nausation, mild cramps, fluttering in my stomach, fatigue, today i've noticed that when i cough it kinda hurts, also my stomach is getting hard around the edges, my nipples feel sore and i have veins and bumps on my nipples. So all this can be made up in my head?


Kel - June 10

I seem to make up symptoms every month. Then I approach the next month thinking that I'm not going to feel anything new this month, but sure enough I do. The good (and bad) news is that sometimes when you get symptoms and then have af it is because you have had an early pregnancy. I think I have had this at least once (wound up in the hospital over it), so there are times when you are not making it up but you still get af.


bre - June 10

so you think that i'm not making it up. My problem is that i'm scared that i might be making it up and that in realilty it's actually true. I've had some negative tests but somedays i make myself not think about the signs, but then all of a sudden i noticed something different about me. This lady told me that she thought she was pregnant for so long that she didn't have her period for a month, i don't want that to happen to me.


bre - June 10

help me understand what i'm feeling because i'm so scared


kd - June 10

It is also known as a hysterical pregnancy.


Soph - June 10

Relax sweetie, at some point I think we all go thru the same, I know "relax" is way easier said than one, but you have to ease your mind, the best you can do is go to the dr, yes sometimes we are so sure that we're pg when in fact is just wishful thinking but if you really want to be sure then get a check up, for your sake and if you are, your baby's health, if in deed you're not pg, then maybe a dr can help you figure out what's wrong (if any) and you can start ttc again. Hope it helps. ~*~baby dust~*~



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