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KEEKEE - April 15

Whats up Everyone!!!!!! It is a beautiful day!!!!! 70 degrees!!!!! A long time coming!!!!! ....................My DH is off today( every friday). Giving me hugs and kisses!!!! Now I'm afraid to go down the basement. It must be something wrong!!! To test him, I said "I'm going down the basement to wash clothes" He said "I'll do it".......HMMMMMMMMMMM........Is he blocking me from going down the basement?...........Now is the time to mention something I want!!!! .........YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHH!!!!.....I am going to milk this as long as I can!!!!.....What a great day!!!!....He he he.............Sheba is on a mission!!! She's attacking everyone!!!! no one is safe!!!! I love this cat!!!!!...............Now, I'm trying to annoy my mom, from Hell. She's been complainting for 2 days. At 49, she is nuts................Well I am going to try to sneak down the basement........SHHHHHHHHHHH............I will get back to you later......Holla back Alexis, Jules, Jen and Estee P.....................Mandy and E , if you are there.... HOLLA..... I"M GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!


jen xx - April 15

glad to hear u having good weather coz over here in the uk its c___p, real dull n windy... well as for me i feel c___p today, been real achy all over, feel like i have done a 3hr work out (not that i have EVER DONE a 3hr workout) but i just


KEEKEE - April 15

Oh Jen, I am sorry to hear about your discomfort. Did you take a pregnancy test? Did your dr. order a blood test? ........I still have my same discomfort going on. I"m trying not to think about it. Its so annoying..................Alexis, How you feeling today. Are you still tired. I know it is so hard, you can't even drink coffee. It bites!!!!! My dh always say take a nap. You can't always take a nap.................Jules, How'd work? Estee P, How are you doing?...............SMOOCHES!!!!!!


Alexis - April 15

Hi Girls, I am feeling good today still tired and It's only going to get worse because the party is tomorrow but tonight I have to make alot of salads and beans and salsa. I am glad that my aunt is here to help me and my mom is going to go over to help to. I have a sister but she is so selfish she has never helped me with a party not once!Oh well she'll learn when she has kids. We are having great weather here too 90 today with a nice cool breeze. It's expected to be the same tomorrow.Jen I sure hope that you can find a good dr. soon so they can give you a blood test. Have you taken a test yet? You should I believe that you would probably be 11weeks by now it should pick up something. Just a thought though. Are you ready for your kids get together? Well I'm going to sign off now I'll check in a little later.


Estee P - April 17

Hey everyone! (Jen, Jules, Alexis, Keekee, Mandy) How did it go with everyone over the weekend, all the parties for kiddies and in-laws, and how's the bas____nt getting on, Keeks, what's he brewing down there!? Well, my in-law weekend went really well, we had a great time with my dh's parents! Sweet, caring people! Saturday morning I woke up at 5am, and I just knew my AF has arrived, so I rushed to the loo, and it was there. I am so relieved to finally know where I stand now and to be able to get ready for my next try. The uncertainty of negative tests and no AF was terrible to endure! Now I'm ready to go forward! Let me know how all of you are doing? Jules, I hope you're ttc'ing, hence your silence! Tee hee!! ;-))


KEEKEE - April 17

Hello Ladies, Just checking in!!!! This is a slow boring sunday.Dh is at work and my little guys are taking a nap.Even Sheba is sleeping!!!!!.......I am very tired but can't sleep. I'm siting at home, trying to annoy anyone that tries to call.............Estee P, you are so lucky..You get along with your in laws.I wish I can say the same..I have a mother in law from hell..She smile in face while my dh is around and turn into a B**ch when he is gone....the older she get, the more I'm afraid of her moving in....UHHHHHHHH.........I have came to the point of not answering the liar phone calls........Terrible, Mean, call it what you want..It is best for me ..he he..........How sad is it to have a mother and mother in law from Hell!!!!!!..........I could never spend the weekend with them......Maybe you can send some of what you got over here..I can always use it.......ha ha ..............My Friday and Sat. went well!!! My DH and I spend time together.......Ohhhhhhhhhh.........I am happy you sound in good spirts!!!! Yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! It is soon much fun ttc!!!! Practice makes perfect!!!!..................Holla Back!!!!!!!


Jules - April 18

Heya Gals - whew! What a weekend (and Friday was hectic!) Glad to have news from all of ya! Estee - sorry that af arrived again - but, as you say, am glad that you know where you stand. I send you *************BABY DUST ************* for this month ttc ;) And LOADS of it ;) We were also in Durbs for Dh's mom's 60th. Suprise party and went very well. Also saw my dad and one of my brothers and his wife and baby. Was great! Only flew back in to Johannesburg this morning (Monday). And it's back to work as usual ;) Jen - I feel for you, girl. I just wish that I could find some answers for ya! Or at least get you a good test ;) Alexis - how did the party go?! Was thinking of ya and hope that it was lots of fun and that your DD had a great birthday! Wish I could say "send pictures"! Mandy - any news? Are you doin okay? KeeKee! You crazy cat! Sounds like your house is full of funa nd games and lots of laughter! That's great. I hope you're doin okay and that your boys are fine too ;) Good to hear from y'all. Will check back in later. Love to ya! Jules xxxxx


KEEKEE - April 18

Whats Up Girls!!!!!!....I went down the bas____nt and there is holes in the walls. I couldn't help my self but to laugh!!!! I laughed so hard, I had to run to the bathroom..DH gave me a kiss and I smiled. He still make me blush after 5 years....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.........Jordan(11 month old) is crawling all over the place. He gets into everything!!!!! He is the cutiest. He knock something over and scream. He's turning into a speed demon.....He he..........Avery's is getting better at communicating!!! He using his fingers to point and more sign language..I'm very proud of him..........Ok, am I the only one who dont get along with their in laws??? What ever you got send it over here!!!!!! he he......................Everyone sound so happy!!!!! What a good Monday!!!!!...............SMOOCHES!!!!!


Estee P - April 18

Keeks, don't worry about it! It sounds to me you've got enough caring to do inside your house (Avery & Jordan) than to go bother about something outside of your house (mother-in-law)! Focus on the immediate people in your life, and leave the rest up to God! Remember, you can only do so much about a relationship, but if the other person doesn't put in the same effort, then it's not up to you to fix it! Jules, glad you enjoyed your weekend as well! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you, partner-problem-free and full of ovulation! :-) For me, this is a quiet week, just getting on with my stuff! We're hanging curtains this week after work, so I won't be too chatty! I wonder wat the other girls are up to?? Jen, sweetie, I've been asking myself what on earth is going on with your body! I really think you must see a specialist and find out what's cooking. It can't be nothing, you have to get this sorted! Find out if this is a pregnancy, whatever lengths you have to go to! Good luck! Cheers for now!


Alexis - April 18

Hello Ladies, I'm glad to see you all had a good weekend. My daughters party was great she got lot's of gift's and a couple of toys but mostly clothes. I on the other hand was sooo tired, I did not sit down at all until 9:30pm and I did not eat until 11:00 pm and to make matters worse my voice went away. I am sooo tired and in no means do I want to be here. Estee- Are you going to try the IUI this cycle? Jules it's bd time get busy girl ;) Or are you going to hold off still? Keekee how was the get together for your kids? Well ladies I'll check with you later.


Estee P - April 18

Hey Alexis, glad you had a good time, although a bit tiring! Can't you take a day off work and just sleep in for 24 hours!? Yes, I'm hoping to have the IUI by next week around friday, but the wednesday is a public holiday in South Africa, as well as the next monday, so I phoned in to see if my doc will be available during that period and it seems to me he will only be available for 1 day out of the 3 day slot that I need to play it safe. I'm going in to see him next week monday, and then I'll discuss the options. If he's not going to be around when I need him, I'm thinking he must send me to a colleague. I can't keep waiting even for one more month, I have to put this first now, above all other commitments. I'll do whatever it takes, I'm a woman on a mission! No more waiting, desperate times, hey?


Alexis - April 18

Estee just know that i'm praying for you. I hope you hear the great news soon. I wish I could take the day off and sleep for 24hrs!! :0 (me yawning) I swear I don't think I was this tired with my last.


KEEKEE - April 18

Hey everyone!!!! Alexis, I am still planning my boy's party. We only inviting a few people. Less risk of Avery getting ill. His immune system is low.....Anyway I hate running behind our people kids....He he..............Well, I cant fit into my pants. It wont b___ton up. I been working out and walking. Still have a round, sticking out belly.... I'm still having all these pregnancy Symptoms...Some days I think I'm going nuts!!.I don't think its mental because I wasn't ttc...Hopefully I will get answers soon. Keep your fingers cross........Today weather is 80 degrees!!!!! The kids and I have been to the park and playing outside. Its beautiful...........Let me know whats up!!!!!!...........SMOOCHES!!!!!!!


KEEKEE - April 18

I just got off the phone with my DR. He said the hpt could be missing the pregnancy and to come in on Friday for bloodwork...YaHHHHHH!!!!...I knew if I could speak to him personally, He would understand.I need to get him a card for being so caring. I wish he was my primiary Dr......So, by Monday,We should know!!!!....He also said He will give me a Ultrasound, regardless of what the tests say........I am so happy!!!!!!!! HOLLA BACK!!!!!


KEEKEE - April 18

OH, Estee P.....My legs, fingers, toes and even my eyes are crossed again for you. I will be send TONS of BABY DUST for you a"ll !!!!!!!! Honey, think good thoughts, only good things will happen for you!!!!


Estee P - April 19

Keekee, this is it!! I'm so glad you finally got through the barrier to get that test and u/s!!! Now you'll finally get clarity! I SO hold thumbs for you that you are preggo! Alexis, hang in there, this too shall pa__s! One of my friends have nausea all nine months of her pregnancies! She suffers big time! She's now 4 months pregnant with the second! She has the vomiting everywhere, in the shops, in the car, at work, at home! If I had to choose, I'd rather take the tiredness over the nausea! I hope this is a comfort to you - at least someone out there is suffering more than you! Just take it day by day! And do rest if you have to, bugger them all!


Jules - April 19

Heya Gals! Great news from you, Keeks! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! Methinks you shall get your BFP by Monday ;) Wow! Counting down the days with ya! Have enjoyed reading all of your news - all the gals! So glad your party went well, Alexis. Hope you can bounce back with a little more energy and feel lots better soon. Estee, thanks for the reminder about the public hols next week! I forgot! Yay! A day off ;) I wish you all the best with the IUI and please let us know when you're gonna have it done! I have a really good feeling about all this, for you ;) Will check in a bit layder. Dh and I are really tired from lots of hard work yesterday (til 2am!) and I don't think that this will be a successful BD month! We've hardly had any opportunity ;) Anyhoo - am not having a great time with my work partners and I need to change a few things in my life and get happy again. Gotta take charge! Will chat to ya later. Loads of love to you all xxxxx



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