All The Signs But Neg Blood Test

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Jenni_Loves_Andrew - May 23

I'm having all the signs of pregnancy - nausea, fatigue, sore br___ts with dark & bumpy nipples, bloating, cravings, headaches. I went in for a urine test and it came back somewhere between negative and positive, so they did a blood test and that came back negative. I'm so confused! Doctors can't figure out why I'm having these symptoms, they've tested me for everything. I swear I'm pregnant, and all my friends think I am. I was on birth control for 2 months when the symptoms started about a week and a half ago, but I did take Zithromax, an antibiotic, while on the pill. I just don't know! Does anyone have a similar situation? I'd be interested in hearing how many others have had these symptoms and negative tests, and were pregnant.


nicksmmy - May 23

Hi Jenni: Do you know if they did a quant HCG, that might be your best bet if they didn't . Have you had an ultrasound? When was your last period? being on antibiotics can mess with your cycle. Good luck


Emma2 - May 23

Antibiotics CAN interfere with BCP and reduce its effectivness and keep in mind that some women a small minority will not show a positive until later on in pregnancy. Like nicksmmy said go get a quantative test.Good Luck


tlcimplantation - May 23

I dropped my bc pill & took an old 1 of another kind in place of it, then I was due for my period 2 wks later & had a light period, less than 1day, then in May the week before I was due to start I had pink & brown blood and I did not start, took home tests - negative, took blood test at Dr. - negative, still no period . I was pregnant last year & that's the same thing that happened then I found out I was pregnant. What now?


smskam - May 25

tlcimplantation: I am sorry but i need to ask u a couple questions..:-) 1:Did u have a negative quant_tative blood test or the other kind ?? 2:at what week did they give u that? 3: how far along were u when u tested positive or found out u were preg ?4:how did u find out u were pregnant atlast??5: Did the docs say why u tested negative on blood?? 6: did u have a difficult labour or was is all good??. Would really appreciate a response to my questions and any extra input would be appreciated aswell..thanks in advance..


smskam - May 25

jenni_loves_andrew: ANy update?


tlcimplantation - May 29

When I found out I was pregnant last year I was 8 wks, the 2 mos. previous I barely had period for one day, then the pink & brown blood 1 week before I was due to start. This time they took the quant_tive blood test at Dr. at 4 weeks, & it's negative. I'm confused, because I have all the symptoms, headache, hungry sense of smell increased frequent urination, backache, I can't see how these tests are reading negative? Anyone else have this happen?


smskam - May 29

tlcimplantation |: so last time also it was quant_taive..?? did u tell them ur history.well good luck and keep us posted.



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