All The Symptoms But No Sign Of Fetus

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KSproles - March 9

I'm not sure exactly what is wrong with me but everytime I list out my symptoms it is leading me back to pregnancy. So here is my story. I am a newlywed, August '09, and my husband and I are not trying to have kids right now. In January I noticed that my nipples would be erect more than normal for me. It felt like they were cold even though I wasn't. Then that same month my period was lighter than normal, 3 days instead of the regular 5 days. I didn't think much of it but towards the end of the month and the beginning of February my nipples began turning white in the middle and darker around the edges and the montgomery glands on my areola had risen. Then the next week I was working [I'm a caregiver for older adults] and I got this horrible pain from my lower left back going down the back of my leg and this wave of nausea. I went to urgent care and he just dismissed it as muscle problems and wrote me a prescription for pain pills. But the nausea didn't end there, it lasted over 2 weeks. I could barely grocery shop because just the sight of food made me sick. My period came again but 3 days early and it was brownish. It lasted 3 days, stopped and then came back for a couple more days. At this point I was scared so I tried to see if I could get an appointment with my doctor [It's a new doctor because I'm new to the town]. She was unavailable so I was able to see her nurse. She listened, poked and sent me to do blood work and an x-ray for my back [which was weird to me]. The blood test came back negative and the x-ray came back normal. So from there I went to see an OBGYN. She said my left side felt full and wanted me to do an ultrasound. I went the following week and had a va___al ultrasound done. That came back normal. No signs of a cyst or fetus. This was over a week ago and since then I've had all of the same symptoms and then some. I've become extremely tired. I'm fine for 2 hours after I wake up but then the rest of the day seems like a neverending struggle to not close my eyes. And my br___ts have been itchy, especially my right br___t. Also, a couple of times within these past 2 months I've felt muscle spasm type feelings in my lower left side of my abdomen. Everything seems to be favoring my left side [except my right itchy br___t]. I'm not sure what to make of all of this but I feel like I'm going crazy because all of these symptoms are screaming "pregnant" to me but there is no sign of a baby. Any thoughts? Thanks for listening -- Kelly



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