All These Symptoms But NEGATIVE Result

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nichole1422 - July 3

Well... I am 8 days late... My br___ts are swollen and very tender, i feel sick most of the day, i am very tired, heavy white discharge, but negative test! Someone help...thanks a bundle!!


Rhonda - July 3

It is not uncommon to be pregnant but keep getting negative results.see about getting a blood test to check your hcg,or wait and start testing again.Or see a dr to find out if something else maybe going on.


nichole1422 - July 3

i went today for a blood test and where tomorrow is a holday the dr had left the office early... the nurses said w/o a dr order they could not do a pregnancy test... so... i guess i will just wait it out.. I am also very bloated and when i'm resting at night my stomach tends to feel fuller and like the skin is stretching... many things lead to wondering if i am or not... thanks!


kaylas mom - July 3

good luck nichole. my af is due 2morrow. i am hoping!


nichole1422 - July 3

we werent actually planning this child... but if i am i am happy as can be!! Ithink that children are never mistakes or accidents... they come at the right time no matter when... so either way I will be just fine... actually the more i think about the chances of me being pregnant the more I get excited at the thought of their being a little bun in the oven! Good Luck to you too Kaylas Mom! Which ever way you want it to go! :)


sarahd - July 4

There are women on this forum who have reported not getting a positive home test as late as 8 weeks!! Good luck Nichole...


Emma2 - July 4

Actually it is uncommon not the get a positive at this point but it does happen. GL


Lin - July 4

Rhonda, that is just not true. It IS very uncommon to be pregnant and keep getting negative tests 8 days late. This forum is certainly NOT a good statistical sample - it's a very biased one. It happens that women get late positives, but it is far from common.


nichole1422 - July 4

When my mother was pregnant with my sister she had 7 negative hpt, and a couple blood tests that came back negative... in fact they told her the reason for her missed menstration was due to a cyst... 13 years later the cyst is a walking talking girl named Brittany! So I mean, I have heard several opinions on whether or not a negative hpt is a reliable source.. Thank you ALL for every thing!


rhamel - July 4

I guess whether it is common or uncommon is debatable, but it seems that we ALL know at least one person who had negatives well into their third month. It definitly is possible to be over a week late and actually be pregnant even though all tests are negative, then again it's definitly possible that stress is causing late period.


Rhonda - July 4

There are quit a few people who test and get a bfn for weeks then find out they are pregnant.I have seen several people on here that was like that.A girl even said two people she knows did not get a positive until 3mos,Clarissa23,dont get a positive until she is 7-8 weeks pregnant.Lin im not saying they never get a bfp,im saying sometimes it takes several wks.because lots of women have said that.and half of them were arguing,just saying.


nichole1422 - July 4

I heard this is due to various levels of the pregnancy hormone. It varies my person and some just have more than others which shows up faster than some. Thanks everyone! You guys have been so helpful!


Lin - July 5

Actually rhamel, I've *never* known a woman outside this site who got negative tests when she was pregnant. And no, it's not even debatable. Even if you've known one or two women who had negative tests, that's out of hundreds of others you've known who haven't. That's at best 1%. As I said before, this site is a very, very biased sample and in no way reflects the average. Many women only come here when they're confused and don't know where else to go.


Emma2 - July 5

Ladies, Keep in mind that when taking on these sites your always gonna get a few people that stuff happens to, but the reality is, those tests are very accurate and it is not common not to get a positive at the point of a missed period. Its just like BCP's , people come here and say "i know a friend of a friend of who got pregnant on the pill" or " My mother got pregnant with me on the pill" and so on, well, I cant certainly say that how many of these women messed around with the pill and took anti biotics and so on. The point is its a very very tiny percentage of women who do in fact get pregnant on the pill and have undectectable HPT's...finding 4 people on a forum is hardly called common in comparison to the millions of women who actually take these tests and works just fine.



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