Almost 40 And Still Waiting

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Kim - March 19

Iam on day 36 of my cycle, I have always had problems with my periods. I have high prolatin..anyone out there with the same problem??? I have been trying to get prgnant on and off since I was 25 years old.. I newly engaged and want a baby soooo badly. For the last 7 months I have had a regular period and I'm sure Iam ovalutating, we had my mans sperm checked also and it was normal...This time I have had cramping, tender br___ts and brown, then white discharge..I have been feeling very tried and fatigued, last night I took a test and it was negative! I was very upset and cried myself to's all I can think about, a little bundle of joy, I want this more than anything.....please pray for and Baby Dust to all!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 19

We're sending baby dust your way, Kim. Wait a week before taking another test. Emotional, fatigued, unusual b___st and discharge patterns mean you should not give up hope yet. Good luck!


Pattie - March 19

Hi Kim, I am 43 and my period is late. I am tring to figure out whats up. My searchs on the internet have found the symptoms between pregnancy and perimenopause are the same. I can't find anything that sets them apart, except of course a positive test and time. I learned many woman begin to experience missed periods in thier early 40s. I would love to be pregnant. I have never been pregnant before so I wouldn't know what it feels like but I really feel different. One can dream I suppose. So far I have had 3 negative tests. I haven't tested in more than a week. My period was due at the beginning of March. One thing I will tell you is that you MUST go to a fertility doctor. At your age all you may need is a little extra medical help. Also keeping a child once you are pregnant is tricky a regular doctor won't give you the early intervention that could make the difference. I was on the rollercoaster of fertility treatment briefly. It turns out all systems are healthy but I ave low ovarian reserve. My regular doctor tested my hormons and I came up normal the fertility doctor gave me whats called the clomid challenge test which I failed. In the end my husband and I adopted a lovely daughter from china and I can't imagine life without her she is precious and I love her dearly. We may go for another.


Liz - March 20

Best of luck and much dust to you. I am 36 and ttc for second. It's been 7 years since first. I took for granted it would be easy this time around too. I wish you much dust and KNOW it can happen. I have 3 friends pre for the FIRST time in their late 30's. Keep us posted.


tryingat40 - March 21

I'm 40 and have been ttc for 7 months now. I got an hcg trigger shot a little more than a week ago. AF is due on 3/27 and the wait is really difficult. My b___sts are sore and it feels like AF is coming. I know the hcg shot can make you feel like you're pregnant. This is sooo hard!


mulgajill - March 21

kim... here is a link you may be interested in looking at re: prolactin levels... anyone else with long cycles may like to have a look too...


Kim - March 21

To trying at 40...what is a hcg shot???Thanks to all for your advice, Iam seeing an obgyn right now , but he hasn't said anything about the fertility treatments yet.He thinks that I will get pregnant on my own. I took another test today and it was negative, I wa going to wait but Iam too impatience, still no period though........


tryingat40 - March 21

The hcg shot is a shot to help trigger ovulation. I got one after the ultrasound showed that I had a follicle that was ready....the shot is supposed to make it happen. hcg is a pregnancy hormone so it actually makes you have pregnancy symptoms. That makes it difficult while I wait for AF because I don't know if I'm pregnant or just feeling the hcg shot's effects


Kani - April 4

I dont know if I have high prolatin but was wondering if the hcg shot made you vomit on day 4



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