Almost 5 1 2 Weeks With No Period And Then

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Kristiekins - December 13

Well I haven't had my period since Nov. 7th and then today Dec 13.. which would be 37 days since my last period.I got some bleeding but it was a real dark brown still hard to tell because it is in the morning still? I have had the symptoms with drinking a lot of water, dizziness, peeing a lot, my br___ts are sore (which even when I did have my period in the past I never got sore br___ts)... mild cramping (I never get cramps on my period), burping, nausea and mild headaches. I have never been without a period for this long and my cycle is usually 26 days. I don't know what I should do? I think I might go get a blood test to see what is going on? Pregnant, Hormone imbalance or Cancer? Are what some say could be going on... Please let me know what you guys think...?


dete - December 13

Why don't you get a pregnancy test and you'll get your answer there and then. Thats would I would do... good luck


Kristiekins - December 13

Sorry...I forgot to put that in there...I tested a couple of days ago and it was extremely faint. I am just worried about the dark drown discharge after having all these symptoms and my period being 2 weeks late? What is the discharge from...?


Christine - December 13 sounds like you are pregnant...if you tested and got a faint positive then you are almost 100% pregnant...I dont believe in the evaporation lines..some do...I'm glad you are going to the doc on wed...they will send you for a blood test just to be sure and to figure out about how far you are by testing your hcg levels (if you are)...You have lots of strong symptoms...could be a hormone inbalance, but I doubt it if you have always been regular...I dont think sore b___sts come with cancer...unless its b___st cancer...I dont think anyone should be making you worry about that...Today is only have two days till you go to the doctors...hang in there...I think you will get some good news...wish you luck


Grandpa Viv - December 13

You list common early signs of pregnancy. Not tired? Wait at least two weeks after they appeared before taking a home pregnancy test, and take another a week later if the first is negative. If that doesn't tell you what is going on, the next stop is at the doctor's. Good luck


Kristiekins - December 13

Yes the big symptom that I did not put in there is tiredness and yawning....I could sleep all day if I wanted too!



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