Almost Three Months Pregnant

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Kelly - October 5

I thought after reading some of the stories on these message boards that I would post mine. About two months ago I started to notice some changes in my body. I had been on the pill for a year and a half and had never had a problem. In early August I noticed that I had some brown bleeding. I thought because of my stress level at the time, given the fact that my grandfather had just passed away, that it was breakthrough bleeding. When I got home from the funeral I went to see my doctor and told him about it. I also had headaches and a bit of nausea. Again I thought this was stress. He decided to do a urine pregnancy test. I was very nervous because although I am 25 I didn’t really think it was the “right time” for a baby. The next day the nurse called and told me it was negative. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued on. Less than a week later I stopped the BCP for my one week break. I normally get AF on the Tuesday but it didn’t come. Late Wednesday night I had some bad pains in my stomach and went to the bathroom. I had really severe diarrhea (sorry TMI) and I noticed a bit of blood. I got my AF but only for 2 days and it was really bright red. I thought that it was strange because it normally lasts 5-6 days but I didn’t think much else of it and continued to take my BCP. I continued to feel really tired, nauseous, my br___ts started hurting, I got dark blue veins in my br___ts, I was gaining a few pounds and all I wanted to was eat and sleep. So September came and AF was really light again and a few days late. My symptoms continued and I just stop thinking about them. So finally October rolls around and AF just decides to show for one day and I had really severe pains. So I went back to the doctor and he did another urine test and surprise it was negative. So he sent me for an ultrasound. Well yesterday he calls me and told me that I need to come and see him right away. I went right after work and he told me that I am about 11 weeks pregnant. I almost passed out. He sent me for blood work and we are waiting to see what the hcg levels are. So I believe that tests can be wrong and that miracles really do happen. I don’t know if I am ready for a baby but this just tells me that god must really want me to have one. I did forget to mention that during all of this I did three hpt’s which were all negative.


heather - October 5

wow thats a crazy story.. but congrates I'm sure youll be a geate mom..


to kelly - October 5

WOW!!! Thanks soo much for sharing your story. Please keep us posted, would love to hear what happens next!!! will love being a mom!!!!


Kelly - October 5

I also forgot to mention that I had really bad gas. (Sorry maybe TMI).


tanya - October 5

Kelly, how are your b___bs? Were they ALWAYS sore or did it come and go like it does before your period? Did they grow? Are you small or big??


Terri - October 5

Thank you so much for sharing!! I too have been having some of those symptoms. I am going to the dr next week.


Christie - October 5

Tanya, I am also 11 weeks pregnant and my bbs have been continuously sore. I am a D to begin with, but they have grown some more.


Kelly - October 5

Tanya - My b___bs we sore almost all the time, it was mostly a dull ache. Terri - Please keep us posted and if you really think that you are pg ask for an u/s.


To Kelly - October 5

Thank you for the information Kelly! I have been feeling pg for about a month now. Same symptoms, except no AF. I had 1 pos. digital test, but all others have been neg, including a blood test last month. I have been feeling crazy. Thank you for helping me to feel a little more normal. Forgot to mention that I have 6 children, 3 m/c. So I know what it feels like to be pg. I am just confused now, my body screaming I am, but the tests are saying no. I think I am going to get an Ultrasound to be sure. Thanks again.


tanya - October 6

Christie and Kelly, Thanks for the feedback about the b___bs, I have been feeling pregnant for the last 2 months, but i think alot has to do with my early mc at 5 weeks that happened in june. my last 2 periods were very light periods and my b___bs were killing way longer than normal, but right after my last light bleed the sore b___bs went away. I guess i just wanted to be pregnant and i didn't want my BFN to be true :-( Thanks again!



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