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roxanne - October 20

okay. I saw so many people post questions like this, but they didn't really relate to me too well. so, here it is. I am 17 and jsut started having s_x about two months ago. my boyfriend and I never have unprotected s_x, but he has put himself inside me without a condom. and, I know that it isn't entirely baby proof to wipe the prec_m off or anything. I didn't start think of a pregnancy possibility until tonight after I told my boyfriend I wasn't feeling well. I told him not to worry, because I don't want him to have to if there's nothing. but, I am bloated, I feel sick... and my period isn't due for a few weeks. could I be pregnant?


Daile - October 20

It is possible, but don't stress about it. Wait until your period's supposed to come. If you miss it, then you can worry.


roxanne - October 20

how early should I take an ept? because it isn't due for like, a week. and I am really anxious. and I have no access to a doctor at the moment.


jo - October 20

roxanne- you usually ovulate (release an egg) 2 weeks b/f your period. count back to see when that was and if you had s_x around that time. you shouldn't feel sick this early if you are, but try not to think about it, b/c stress can prolong or make you miss your period.


Viv - October 21

Early pregnancy tests often give a false negative if used too early. A week after a missed period is a good time to check. Early pregnancy symptoms can start a week after conception. To avoid scares like this, you might consider using foam as well as a condom. Come back and tell us the outcome!


Kelly - October 21

If you'll miss your period then take pregnancy test coz there is a chance that you might be pregnant....bloating, feeling sick are some of the symptons of pregnancy.....Good luck....For now dont worry......


roxanne - October 21

thanks. this was all really helpful.



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