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Alexis - February 16

Hello everyone, I am not trying to get pregnant at all I have a little girl she is almost 5 and a son he is 2 1/2 yrs so as far as I'm concerned I am done, Well lately though I have been feeling different I have a lot of saliva and I feel more thursty than usual I drink alot of water daily, anyway I have been using the restroom alot more and my water in take is the same but I just can't hold it. Also I've been getting some dizzy spells hear and there and I haven't been feeling great but I think possibly it could be a bug but I'm not expecting af until the 20 I have been active with my husband though. What do you think should I be worried?


bump - February 16



Alexis - February 16

well I guess no one can help me but I'm curious what is this counting about the bumbs on your areola does the more you have mean pregnancy, I had never heard that belorre so I'm just curious.


stacey - February 16

when you get pregnant, you get more bumps, they are for the milk glands.


Alexis - February 16

Thanks Stacy, I don't know why I never payed attention to that, I b___st fed both of my kids. Well Thanks for you response, I have those bumps still of course but I've noticed that know once again they look like whiteheads and last week one of my nipples was real dry and itchy that it cut, that's not normal for me month to month and I know I may sound stupid since I already have two kids but my mind is a blur about all the symptoms one expieriences when pregnant. Well I guess I'll read other post to get some answers.


Grandpa Viv - February 16

Signs a week before AF are on time. More saliva is a sign, as is more peeing, dizzy and tired. You may not be as done as you were thinking. Here's hoping things work out the way you want!


stacey - February 16

alexis- don't feel bad about forgetting, I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago and have already started to second guess the symptoms I had when I was first pregnant (would have only been about 4 months ago)


Alexis - February 17

Thank You Grandpa Viv and Stacy if I am what a shock! I"m Sorry to hear Stacy that you miscarried I' ve heard that it's your bodies way of correcting when something has gone wrong. Keep the faith you'll have one when the timing is right.Are you ttc right now? As of today I'm more tired than usual I can't stop yawning even though I' ve had two cups of coffee, I have a headache today I don't know if it's because of the two cups of coffee though. Anyways if I am pregnant I would be happy by then my son would be three and my daughter almost 6. Stacy let me know how things go, I'll keep you posted , also when I press down on my stomach it's hard is that also a sign?


To Alexis - February 17

I read on another website, I think on AOL's website that your stomach doesn't get hard for a few weeks after your missed period. Could you be farther along!?


Alexis - February 17

Well my stomach just feels not hard but if I press it it hurts, and I'm not bloated like I usually am before my periodwhich I am expecting on the 20th, as to If I could be farther along I don't know, my last af did start out weird on the 24 I had brown discharge and then pink only when I wiped and then nothing at all the next day then I started the 26th but light and it lasted 4 days so I a__sume it was my period. My main cause for concern is that when I got pregnant with my daughter I had my period for 2 cycles but they were light but then the following month I didn't get my period at all and when I went to my first ultrasound I was 1 1/2 months more than what we thought.


Hello - February 17



Stacey - February 17

Alexis- we are ttc although our obgyn wanted us to wait a cycle. However, 2 1/2 weeks after the D&E we had s_x and I had brown cm 2 days after- also yesterday. Don't know if it's anything (hope so). Also am tired, back ache and semi-tender b___sts. My obgyn wasn't too concerned today when I told him about the spotting- so I'll see. also have a tooth/sinus preoblem going on- so can't help wondering if the symptoms are from that. Keep me posted and I'll do the same. It's the waiting game (I have 1-3 weeks to wait-ugh!)


Alexis - February 17

Hey Stacy wow what a long wait. Well you know what I hope your symptoms are pregnancy and not due to your sinus' things happen when you are not expecting it when you are more relaxed. So you never know. I will keep you posted I am expecting af in 3 days I'm so tempted to buy an hpt though considering that these one's on the market now can tell so much sooner.


stacey - February 17

I'd have def. taken one by now- who am I kidding...I have taken 2 already. Even though I shouldn't even expect af for 1-3 weeks-as I already said. Now as I sit here I'm wondering maybe my tenderness and back all have to do w/ af coming next week. hmmmm. Atleast then I can try with a guilt free conscience(sp?)


Alexis - February 18

Hi Stacy, well I took a test this morning -, I'm not disappointed because I'm not trying. I still have 3 days still for af to arrive. So I'm still not out of the blue. But if I would be (secretly) I would be happy. I love my kids and I would love another we are planning for another but not for a couple more years. Well keep me posted.


stacey - February 18

alexis-don't really know what's going on with me. Would really just like an answer- either I am or not and can start trying again. Today I started to have very light bleeding, but it's still brown- old blood. I don't know if that's all coming out before the new starts. I'll be waiting with you:)


Alexis - February 18

Stacy- when are you expecting af? Doesn't uncertainty suck?! I hate the not knowing and always questioning every little thing it's quite frustrating and especially for you that you just want to start. Let's pray for patience and sanity.I still have no signs of af coming keep going to the restroom and I have discharge that is watery and with a little yellow tinge to it. I am feeling like c___p today and my b___bs are peeling not the nipple area but dry skin (weird) don't know what is up with that. So anyways I'm just waiting hope to hear back from you within the next hour because I leave work and my computer at home is down major virus. Oh yeah and I've been really light headed like when you have a hangover the headache that you get with the airy feeling in your head like that. Sorry so long just had to vent I guess.



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