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Lee - February 23

This has been a very frustrating few weeks for me. I have a pile of symptoms such as sore br___ts, large blue veins & some "spider veins" on my br___ts, moodiness, bloated feeling, thirsty all the time, some clear va___al discharge, exhausted, & the most important one, I have missed 2 AF's. Doctor told me in mid-January to give it 6 more weeks (end of Feb.) to go see them, I have an appointment on Friday afternoon. I have taken 6 HPT's and all have been negative. I am like clockwork with AF since the beginning of time. This is very unlike me to not have AF. If I were PG I would be approximately 9 weeks. Also should mention that I was on BCP for several years, stopped them in late September, had a normal cycle October, November & December.


alex - February 23

Lee it is possible that you are one of those women that the pregnancy tests don't work on.


jay - February 23

maybe you should try blood tests sometimes the hpt dont work on certain women so good luck let meknow if I helped you ok


Grandpa Viv - February 23

Some doctors wish that home preg tests had never been invented. Good luck on Friday!


janelle - February 23

Hi Lee i have a similar situation then yours, I have been having several preganncy symptoms for a few weeks now, not to mention I have missed my period and i have been like clock work for years now...headaches, blood in my nose, stuffiness, (which not all sites tell you about the nasal problems.) I also have tender nipples, fluttering in my stomach and cramping unlike menstrual cramps. Also, food aversions and nausea and vomiting and bloating, gas (belching all the time) and just recently I have been having heartburn. Also not even a week before my period was supposed to come on I had some spotting for one day where it looked as if my period was coming on but yet it never did. almost 3 weeks later I have taken 3 hpt and they were all negative, I have never taken one in the morning as most suggest adn that is my next one before I go to the doctors, any suggestions on how long I should wait before i have a blood test done?


BUMP - February 23



Lee - February 23

Thanks for all of your replies. I am still trying to get the doctors office to call to give me the paperwork to have the blood test. Keep your fingers crossed!



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