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Coleen - November 8

i was on the pill for close to two years and have now been trying for a baby for 5 months. i think my nipples are sensitive and i'm moody. my AF is due on 11/12 and the remaining three days are killing me!! anyone else due on the 12th who wants to wait and share with me????


Laura - November 8

Hi Coleen, My af is due 11/15. I have had a terrible headache since last Tuesday. Sorry (tmi) everytime my dh and I make love since I ovulated my nipples are very sensitive. I can't stand for him to touch them. My b___sts ache on and off through the day. I have been very moody! He has told me that himself. Hopefully for a good reason. What day to you plan to test?


Coleen - November 9

Hi Laura! to be honest i tested yesterday just to get it out of my system even though i knew the test would be negative. my b___sts are heavy and sore most of the time especially in the mornings. i also feel nauseous regularly but i'm not sure if i'm imagining things! i plan to test on the 18th (if i am able to wait). how about you? i hope it works out for the both of us!!!!


Laura - November 9

Hi Coleen, I do not know what day i will test. I have felt very queazy that last two days! Talk to you soon.


sarah - November 9

i some times feel like that but mostly feel bad back pains im 15 and dont no wot to do


Laura - November 9

Sarah, When is af due for you?


Allie - November 9

Hi Coleen, I am due for (no) AF on the 12th too. I don't know what I am feeling anymore! Don't know if all these "symptoms" are in my head. I promised myself that I would not obsess and I won't. I've decided to wait until the 12th and see what happens. I will let you all know. Good luck to everyone!!


Natalie - November 9

I am due for my af around the 12 or 15. (it is irregular) I recently had a mc in July and this was the first month that the doctor said we would be safe to start again. My dh and I aren't really trying but were aren't using any protection either. So long story short, I am experienceing alot of the same symptoms from before, being really hot, extremely tired, sore b___bs, headache. Although I am not really all that nausous. I always have heartburn especially in the morning so it wouldn't be anything new. The thing that I am not sure about is a small pain/discomfort on the right side. Also I just started a cold this week :( If my period doesn't come by the 15 I don't know how I will stop myself from testing :)


Coleen - November 10

Hi Allie, Laura. this morning i had a wave of nausea and i was so happy! another symptom! i hope there'll be no disappointments this month. i've already picked out names and all! i've started having stomach cramps and slight diarrhea which usually happens when i have AF. Im so hopeful but like you Allie i fear i'm creating all this in my mind.


Laura - November 10

Hi Coleen, Allie, I have been feeling nausea, tired, constipated, lots of clear c/m, b___bs are sore, sensitive. I do not want to get my hopes up but my symptoms seem promising.


Coleen - November 11

Hi Laura! Your symptoms really seem to point to pregnancy. Good Luck to you! I'm not so hopeful anymore. everyone seems to be talking about lots of cm and i don't have any of that. moreover my b___bs are not as sensitive s they were earlier. i'm thinking that maybe it was all just PMS. Since AF is due tomorrow i guess i'll know for sure.I hope she WONT show. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Laura - November 11

Hi Colleen,Natalie,Allie, How are you feeling today. No changes for myself. Same as the past week. Feeling spurts of nausea more. I am afraid to test. I might go and by the dollar store one to see what the out come is on that one.


Natalie - November 11

I tihnk that my cold is turning into a sinus infectin :( so even if I am suppossed to start it would probably be late anyway because of the cold :( So I have decided to wait until next Friday. (if I can!) I am not experienceing any symptoms anymore :( not that I could tell through my congestion! So I am just going a day at a time! Good luck with your test!


Leeanne - November 11

i completely understand. my af is due the 13, and i am hoping she will take a nine month vacation. i hope you get a positive.


Coleen - November 12

Hey Laura, Allie! Today is D Day for me! its 9am local time as i am writting this and AF has not shown up yet. hope she lost my address! will keep you posted!


Laura - November 12

Hi Ladies, I tested yesturday I got BFP! I am so excited. How is everyone else feeling?


Maria - November 12

Hi, i've been reading your anwers & i'm so exiting 'cause i have some of the symptoms,but i have to wait till the 18,in some way i'm afraid, good luck for everybody!!!!!



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