Am I Pregnant

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morise - June 21

post before no answer. three months ago have morning sickness, constipation, nausea, hunger pains always tired. Took pregnancy test two months ago says not pregnant. my stomach is very hard, lot of fatigue find it hard to sleep at nights.Keep getting up at nights to use the bathroom . Some one share similar experience. i have no period for the past nine years .Could i be pregnant even without having a period for nine years ? i have terrible cravings for certain foods could this be something else? I am tired of people asking me if i am pregnant s i really do not know what to telll them. Is there any one out there with a similar problem? if so can you share with me at least i wont feel lost and left ou.


crystal74 - June 21

how old are you? why haven't you had a period in nine years?


j. - June 21

oh my gosh morise....what has happened for the last nine period? how old are you? and have you seen a doctor? that's odd especially if you young and healthy. we need more info. it's hard to figure this out with you w/o enough info. first of all, how old are you and what's with the periodless past 9 years?


Patti - June 21

Morise, I answered you on the General Pregnancy forum. BTW, I didn't see that you hadn't had a period in nine years. It's my understanding that you have a 9 year old child and haven't had a period since? Have you ever consulted a Dr. about that? If you're tired of people asking if you're pregnant, then you need to go to a Dr., find out what's going on w/ your body and confront it. Not having a period at all is not normal and despite your fears you really need to get checked out ASAP. Good luck to you.


Rhonda - June 21

Maybe you went through early menapause.Or maybe you could have a very wacky hormone problem.I thought you had to have a period in order to get pregnant.


Rhonda - June 21

I forgot to tell you,that you really should see a dr,they can check to see if you are pregnant,by blood test and u/s.


tonia - June 21

Maybe you ovulated and got pregnant before you had the first period in nine years? IT COULD HAPPEN! Have you used a pregncny test? You should test at home and call your dr!



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