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Mak - November 8

I had a miscarriage in Febuary and did not get a normal period until July. Now I am pretty regular, any where from 28 to 31 day cycles. I have been counting my days and doing every thing like we were told. Now I am about a week late. I was having symptoms of pregnancy, nausea, headaches, and peeing a lot, for about two weeks. I also had about two days of thick discharge around implantation. I took hpt it was negative and a blood test which was negative. Do you think i am jumping the gun and I should relax. i just can't stop thinking about being pregnant. I think i may have imagined the symptoms. I have felt fine now for about two days. Also I have been having some dull pain down there and it also hurts when we have s_x. Some one please just tell me I am not crazy.


j - November 8

I truly imagined symptoms one month since I wanted to be pregnant so bad. If weird things are still happening with your body, I would make an appointment to see your doctor.


forum - November 9



Viv - November 9

I would relax and take a couple more home tests at one week intervals. The symptoms disappearing is odd. Some people have "no" symptoms, but once you have them they don't go away that easy. If you are, we'll join you in hoping this one sticks.


Ca__sie - November 9

Hey Mak. You definitely need to get seen by a doctor. The dull achy pains and thick discharge could be signs of an infection. You also may be pregnant and you have not produced enough HCG for a pregnancy test to show a accurate result. Was the blood test a qualitative(yes or no) or quant_tative(measures quant_ty of HCG in blood stream)? I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I also miscarried in February. February 15 to be exact. I am having pregnancy symptoms this month as well, but I think mine is probably a hormonal imbalance from PCOS. Well, I hope this helps and take care...


bump - November 9



cmb - November 9

mak, know what your going through had a mis car in june and i have put myself into a state each month and keep buying tests wasting money even when i have my period



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