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Frustrated - October 12

Hey everyone! I am two weeks late, and I think I may have conceived on 9/12. That would make me almost 4 weeks pregnant. I have had a gut feeling that I am pregnant for about 3 weeks now. My br___ts are swollen, I get tingly sensations in my legs, toes, and fingers, I am tired all the time, I pee so much (the other night I had to get up 5 times in 40 minutes and I hadn't even drank anything before bed), and I swear that my belly is getting bigger (it seems swollen all the time and there is a horizontal line or crease right above where my pubic area is and about 3-4 inches below my belly button - kinda looks like a smily face). I tokk a million tests and they all came back negative. I went to the gyn yesterday and the urine test came back negative. They told me if I still haven't gotten my period in 2 weeks to come back and that it may not show up for awhile. Then they gave me prenatal vitamins, and said I may just be late cause I went off the pill a few months ago. I am so confused and everyone is making me feel like I am crazy and obsessed!!


Frustrated - October 12

Oh yeah - and I am craving chocolate milkshakes everyday, and I usually only have them like twice a year!


Viv - October 12

I don't think you're crazy. I do think the gyn gave you the best advice. And the way the docs count it (from LMP) you would be 6 weeks pregnant.


Keisha - October 13

i am a midwife in australia, if you were only a month pregnant my dear, you would not be getting any cramps, because your womb (if you were pregnant) has a tiny fetus growing, not big enough to stretch your stomach, its quite possible, you are very worried about being pregnant, and the pain is caused by thinking that you are, you mention you have a 'gut feeling' of pregnancy, your not pregnant, it isnt too soon to pick up the pregnancy hormones from your urnine, you have had many test, and at least one of them would have came back pregnant if you were, but they didnt, you even went to a gyno, and they came back nego, darling, your stressing, and trust me, i know exactly how it feels, i was stressed i was pregnant when i was 19, and i was still at university, so i know, stress can delay your period, and it doesnt help when your are stressed alone by not having your period. hope this has helped sweetheart good luck not that you need it, you will be fine :) keisha


Frustrated - October 13

All of the symptoms above are those that I had in my last pregnancy when I was 19 and also in college. That is specifically why I think I am pregnant! My husband and I aren't planning for or even trying for a child right now. If it happened I would be thrilled trust me, but I would be even more thrilled if it happened in maybe a year from now. So, as far as trying to wish myself pregnant - I'm not. But I cannot shake this gut feeling that I am - that is all I am trying to say. Thanks for making me feel crazy again.


Hammy02 - October 13

I can totally relate to the gut feeling. I am going through the same thing right now myself. I'm not even late yet, but I can't shake this feeling that I could be pregnant. I'm trying not to think about it, but just when I start to tell myself there's no way, another sign pops up! I have two already who are soon to be 5 and 3 so another wouldn't be tragic, just wasn't planning on having one right now. If you're crazy, then I am too!!!


Jlew - October 26

Hi. You're not crazy - just worried! I just wanted to say that tummy aches, being late, tingly sensations and having to pee a lot can also be signs of anxiety (trust me, I know!). Keisha is right - if all the tests are coming back negative, they are probably right. I am often late - it's just the way I have always been - and have spent a fortune on tests over the years 'just to be sure' because I have convinced myself I'm pregnant! Swollen b___sts can also be a sign of your period about to come - works for me every time, usually for a couple of weeks before. I never had that when I was on the pill, but now I get them every time. Do trust your gyne - go back in a couple of weeks and get checked out again if you are still late. In the mean time, try to stay calm and relax, and please believe us all when we say you're not crazy! And enjoy the chocolate milkshakes while you fancy them - it could be them that's causing your belly to increase!



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