Am I Crazy Or Is My Dr

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Mamaleo3 - April 7

ladies, I need your help! I am a mom of three boys and have never experienced anything like this. Was on bcp from the time my son was born until 5 months ago.(He is 2 1/2).Only form of bc now is withdrawal. Last period was 3/14. Had s_x midnight on 3/25.Husband did not ejaculate inside me. Three days later pink spotting,turned to brown,sharp pains on lower right side.Called Dr. who advised I probably was ovulation early and this is normal.Never experienced any type of mid-cycle spotting before. It went away and life went on. 6 days later again, had some blood streaked,white and yellow mucus only when I wiped.It then turn brown for the rest of the day.Cramps very bad especially on lower right side.Thought OK.I have a cyst or is this implantation.Went to Dr.,had full pelvis exam and sono.No cysts, no pregnancy,neg.preg test.No nothing.Dr.sees no physical reason for me to experience pain or cramping or staining. I think I am pregnant.He says probably not to soon to tell.He advised me not to test until 4/15. Ladies,whats your opinion.I know we know our bodies better than anyone else. Sorry so long! Never used this sight before!


erica - April 7

I think it was implantation bleeding.


Audrey - April 7

Mamaleo3- It sounds to me like you might be pregnant, but your doc is right in saying you should test on 4-15. Best wishes!


Mamaleo3 - April 7

Thanks ladies for your responses. I knew I was not crazy.These signs have to mean something if the Dr. can not find any other reason. On another note- For all of you ladies ttc, my heart goes out to you all! I wish you guys the best,sending good wishes!!!!


Layla - April 7

Last month I had similar cramping and lt out of cycle spotting. Curious what BCP were you on? I was on Mircette but only for a few weeks and didn't think it could have been that.


Mamaleo3 - April 7

Layla, I was on Orthotricycline(?), however, I have not taken it in about 5 months,never had breakthrough bleeding on the pill.


Jena - April 7

I was on orthotricyclene too, and I know it's different for everyone, but it probably took 3-4 months to get out of my system, so I don't know if this info helps you at all :), but I think that rules out any effect still lingering from the bcp. I think you very well could be pregnant because as you said, no one knows your body like you do (and hubby - hahaha!). But yes, wait until the 15th and then you can hopefully get a difinitive answer. GL!!!


Mamaleo3 - April 8

Hey ladies,its me again,thanks for responses,still very crampy and seem to be getting hot flashes,whats up with that,has anyone felt hot flashes when they were early pregnant or is it a sign AF is on its way? I do not know how you guys deal with this not knowing every month!


lindsey - April 8

hot flashes are an indicator too that you are preg..lots of women on here say that! gl to you!



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