Am I Crazy Seriously

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amandasowder - February 29

well since the end of october me and fiance have been trying to "get pregnant". since then in beginning of feburary we moved into seprate houses, and he lives away from me, but he still comes over and stuff, well we have only had s_x i think three times if that many. our last time was about a a week ago, and before that was two weeks, well just here recently i have been having really bad stomach aches, or naunsea at like 2 in the morning, and i haven't really had anything to eat besides supper earlier. and my tummy is getting bigger, but yeah i can still suck it in, well whatever, i'm just wondering if i'm wanting it too bad or what, it just breaks my heart that myy fiance is wanting this so bad, and i am too, but i'm afraid i won't be able to get pregnant.


Naomi98 - February 29

There is no way to answer this post unless you give more information, specifically, when was your last period, how long is your cycle usually, have you missed a period, when in your cycle did you have s_x. Without knowing this, we can't help you.


amandasowder - March 1

well i was supposed to start yesterday and i still haven't started and i haven't had any cramps like you normally have when you PMS, and i do have really bad cramps when i do start my period and i haven't had any yet, and i'm not for sure when in my cycle i did have s_x, my periods normally last 5 days at least, and i haven't had my period for the month of feburary, i don't know if it's just where the month is short or what. but i did stop my period early the beginning of feburary cause i started like jan. the 30th and i stopped the 1st and i haven't had one for this month and i haven't started for march either.


Grandpa Viv - March 1

Sounds like one of your encounters was 2 weeks before your expected period, which is when you are most fertile. You have enough signs to justify spending a couple of bucks on a preg test from the Dollar Store. Use it on first pee in the morning, and repeat a week later for confirmation. Good luck!


amandasowder - March 2

i'm just afraid to take one, i really don't want to know, i mean yeah i want a baby, but money wise i'm not ready, i mean who is really.


Jezebel - March 2

ok we cant tell you if you are or arent pregnant so eventually youre going to have to suck it up and test. i hope you get the result you are looking for.


amandasowder - March 2

yeah. hope so.



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