Am I Crazy To Secretly Wish I Was Preggers

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Heather F - March 2

I have an IUD but I was recently reading that if you loose more then 20 lbs (I have lost 30 since I had dd) and youstoped bfing (I did 2 months ago) your IUD can shift into the wrong place because your uterus became smaller and become inefficient. DH and I did the you know when I was ovulating and I am I am secretly wishing my IUD will fail and I'll become pregnant. Am I crazy, I know a preg. with an IUD in place is risky and the reason I got it in the first place was because I wanted to prevent preg. - Am I the only one that wishes to become preg. even though I am useing a form of b/c?


krissy2006 - March 3

To secretly hope to be pregnant would not make you crazy. To decieve your man and pray you become pregnant under less than good circ_mstances (the environment of your uterus) yes that is not only crazy but completely horrid!!


krissy2006 - March 3

Ok, hormonal moment, sorry for that last post. My hormones are surging (((can we say schizo?))) LOL, in any case I still agree with my latter statement that trying or wanting to become pregnant under less than perfect "environmental" circ_mstances is a really very bad idea, for your health and very importantly the health of your baby. I don't know where deceiving your man came from as you never mentioned what he wants, but does he want another child??? does he know you want another one???


sososleepy - March 3

Hi Heather. Have a heart to heart with DH and sweetly, gently (after you feed him something you cooked that he really likes and he's digesting happily) let him know that you regret the decision to go with the IUD because you want to be a mother and see how he reacts. If he reacts very badly, go with, "Honey, I know we talked about this, it's just harder to handle emotionally than I thought it would be and I need you to understand how I feel and hug me and talk to me about it, because it's bothering me more than I expected (tears good here) and it's really got me down right now".... If he's ok with it, well, there you go time to get rid of ot. Sometimes (frequently) when I have a talk with my dh, he wasn't thinking what I think he was thinking. Good luck!


angie m - March 3

Heather F I don't think that you are crazy at all. I have been in the same situation as you. I got and IUD after my 3rd baby. About a year later I wanted to have another little one sooooo bad. I talked and talked with my hubby but he just wasn't ready and told me that he didn't know if he even wanted another. Well a few months later my IUD was causing me a lot of problems and I had to get it removed. That was about 9 months ago. Well I have keep talking to my hubby about how much I wanted another and about 2 months ago he told me that he would like another too just not right know. Then this month he told me that we would just, you know, when we want to and see what happens. My advice to you is to talk with you hubby and tell him how much you want another. If he says that he isn't ready yet well maybe give it a couple more months and talk to him again. One thing that I kept in mind the whole time I wanted another and he didn't was that it would kinda stink to get pregnant and not have my hubby be as happy as I was. I really wanted another but not bad enough to get pregnant with out my babys father wanting him/her too. I hope that I could help even a little. Take care and enjoy the little one that you have. That also helped me, when I felt sad about not being able to have another I would just hold one of my babys and they would give momma lots of loving and that would make me feel a ton better.


melissap - March 3

I too had a mirena IUD and started to really want another baby, but DH said no. I really had no problems and kinda of accepted it. In Dec I started having problems and thought I was preggo and Dh was very concerned and saw how upset I was. I ended up deciding to have it removed and have been TTC for 2 cycles. Good Luck but I know most doctors around here insist on removing IUD and most likely will miscarry so knowingly risking a miscarriage is not right or I don't t hink. It takes like 3 seconds to remove IUD in doc's office and talk to dh about your feelings. Mine took awhile to come around just be patient. And no you are not crazy b/c that would make me crazy!!


Heather F - March 3

yes, he wants another baby - I would never decieve him, like a said I have an IUD, if it failed it would be an act of nature and nothing I did. He wants another baby and we are going to ttc in July (he wants to wait until then) I just want it sooner therefore I find myself wishing every time we have s_x my IUD will fail.



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