Am I Don T Want To Get Shot Down Again

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Tina - November 9

Hello, I was wondering if I was. I (o) on the 25th of Nov., I had light brown discharge, "just once" on the 1st. Since then, I have had heartburn almost every time I eat, I am 2 days late, but weird cramps in different areas, started 4 days ago. Tenderness and soreness is off and on starting 5 days ago. Just yesturday, I began to have a very light yellow discharge. (which keeps me going to the bathroom, thinking it's AF). Really horrible mood swings since 5dpo. Tested 4 days ago, then again yesturday evening(couldn't wait) both neg. This morning, I felt like I was being poked in my belly button, for like 10 minutes. And now, this evening, I'm feeling a weird sharp cramp in my groin area (can I call it that?) I thought there was just bone there. lol. Anyway about 4 days ago, I was at the pharmacy, and I swore, no one around me had showered. And just today, my hubby accidentally spilled some stuff on him (used to treat wood) and I thought I was going out of my mind....funny thing is, he had just showered, and no one else could smell it. I don't want to get my hopes up again..... But with my first, I never had even one symptom. Please help. Plan to test tomorrow. Thanks for your time... and good luck to all of you


Tina - November 10

Correction... (o) was 25 of Oct. ooops. I Tested this morning, Neg. again. While taking my son to school, I got the af "feeling" and I was devistated. I didn't even want to get out of the car, for fear, you could "see it". But as soon as I got home......low and behold...Nothing. Here I am hours later, and nothing yet. I just don't get it. Is it too early for the tests to pick up hcg? I hope so.


to Tina - November 10

When i was preg., i tested 16dpo and got my bfp, but some women don't have the distinct hcg hormone yet, so u never know--i would wait a week and still no sign of af--test again. Good luck


Tina - November 10

Thanks for your input.



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