Am I Finally Pregnant Give Me Some Wisdom Please

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amandamalbone01 - October 1

im so afraid of dissapointment again i have ben trying to get pregnant for a while but it just doesnt seem like it is ever going to happen for me. alot of times i had tried and thought i was pregnant becuase minstral and pregnancy symptoms are so similar, but i ended up getting a visit from AF somthing i dread seeing everymonth because it leaves me so heart broken. well my boyfriend and i have been having "relations" everyday from the 14-the 1st of october, i think i might be pregnant this time because i have ben having abdominal cramps, my br___ts are unbelievably sore, tingly and heavy, i have ben sleepy last night i whent to bed early and slept good, i woke up this morning tierd and whent to bed until 12 00 this afternoon, oh!! and this morning i woke up this morning and whent pee. i found light pink blood, and thats why im so excited, that has never happend to me before, my period is due 4 days away, what do you think?


Samantha6862 - October 2

Could be! :-) I don't know much about this. I'm only going by what I've read in other forums and such about early pregnancy symptoms. I'm going through the same thing. I really really do believe I'm pregnant (yay!!!!) No bleeding but I do have these terrible cramps and my b___sts and nipples are sore/tender. I've also been bone tired lately. Its still pretty early to tell but i think I will test this weekend. **Baby Dust** for both of us! I'm soooo excited!!! I dont want to be disappointed again either. Im so ready. I can't wait to feel a little baby growing and moving inside me. I can't wait to feel a little bundle of joy in my arms! (I know its sappy!! LOL) Many blessings to you!


amandamalbone01 - October 3

that is not sappy i feel the same way too! lots and lots of baby dust sweetheart good luck and keep me posted let me know if you are or not!


Samantha6862 - October 21

Hi Amanda! Just wanted to let you know that I'm pregnant!!! I found out on last week. I took a home test on last Thursday and I went to the nurse pract_tioner on Friday and she confirmed it in the office. I have my first prenatal visit on Nov 5! I've waited so long for this moment! I can hardly contain myself! Keep me posted on how you're doing....k?? I will keep you posted as well. I go in tomorrow for a "problem visit" I'm hoping she will just go ahead and do the prenatal stuff then but I doubt it. I've waited this long to get pregnant...what's one more week?!?! LOL I'm sure she will give me advice on tomorrow! I'm just so very anxious. Thinking about my precious new baby makes we want to cry with joy! **babydust**


SmileyKylie - October 25

Congratulations Samantha! You must be so excited :-) My period is nearly 2 weeks late and I have only had these big amounts of clear CM. I've been tired, moody and have headaches off and on. I've had lots of period-like stomach cramps. Did you experience these things?



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