Am I In Denial Or Is It Really There

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taurus1990 - February 4

h__lo ladies, i had some questions and am really aching for other peoples opinions. I have an irregular period which comes and go but winter of 2009 it disappeared and left me feeling very concerned. But while it was on a "vacation" i got my ovulation every month. So the month of november 2010 i had unprotected s_x. (planning to have a little itty bitty baby :) ) the day after i had cramping and nausea which is unusual for me but blew it off as just a flu bug. As the months progressed i started to notice my br___ts getting bigger, i had moodiness and tantrums, nd wasnt really feeling good. Not vomiting tho. As january aproached it left me with very many symptoms. I had fatigue, bigger br___ts, leg aches, my nose actually spread out which was weird, leaking pee when i cough or sneeze, eating more, breaking out with acne, cold feet ALL the time, back pain, faster heartbeat, gained about 5 lbs, stomach area a bit bigger but not noticeable, darker aerolas with whitish bumps at the tips, higher temp of 98 for 3 weeks straight. I experienced a day with nosebleeds which i never have, i also noticed that my face is alot more oily. I do have gas pains nd constipation now nd then. Alot of acid reflux. I do have trouble sleeping due to i cannot get comfortable. I have had some abdominal twinges and twitches nd wrote it off as gas. No ovulation in all three months. But the most thing is towards the end of jan going into feb i had five days of very light spotting. No cramps/pain with it. Just a here and there spotting on tp. I have taken tests nd had a faint positive...a faint negative nd two other negatives. Doctor cannot see me until end of march due to insurance so i bought a fetal doppler just in case. I used it yesterday and hear a hearbeat in my lower stomach above the pubic hairline. Not sure if it is mine or if it could be the babys. Not even sure if i am pregnant. I would love all opinions. Please be honest ladies! If im pregnant i most likely will be 13 weeks this coming monday and due in august by my own calculations. Thank you :)


pingstopaz - February 10

I have read that there are some ladies who have not tested positive on an hpt until 5 months or more. As for the fetal doppler..if you are hearing the baby's heartbeat it will sound a lot like a washing machine..not your normal heartbeat. It could also be your mind playing tricks on you..if you want to be pregnant so bad your mind can convince your body that you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I would really like to know what you find out..Best of Luck to You!!!



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