Am I Infertile

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Mandy - July 25

Im 19 years old and although ive been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend for 16 months i have never fell pregnant. This month i have been trying to work out the time when im fertile and it supposed to be when you have clear va___al discharge and im supposed to ovulate today but i havent had any of the discharge at any time of this month. I also cannot remember the last time i got it so im thinking that it hasent happened for a while and im worried that i maybe infertile. My little sister is 17 this month and shes 7 months pregnant. Also alot of my friends have children and im very very jelous of them. The fact that children can have babies and people who dont want to have babies can get pregnant so easily makes me so mad because i long to have a life inside me to feel it kicking etc. Does anybody know whats wrong with me?


Mandy - July 25

please someone answer :(


Lisa - July 25

There is no real way to know if your are infertile unless you see a doctor if there is a problem it could be you or it might be your boyfriend so if you really want to know for sure see a doctor also do you have regular periods??


Mandy - July 25

thank you for replying lisa. my periods range from 24 days to 32 days but mostly there around 28 days. some times they are really painful and sometimes i hardly get any pain at all, i dont know if thats got anything to do with it though. I wish there was someone on this site that was like an online doctor lol then they would make it easier for all of us. does anybody else have problems like me?


Mandy - July 25

ohh and i dont want to go to my doctors cause i know that he will just tell me to wait until im older to do tests and stuff. he will say that my body hasent fully matured or something like that. he wont help me thats why id like advice off people on this site :) your opinion means alot to me


bump - July 25



???? - July 25

You said the fact that children can have babies makes you mad and that you want to have a life inside you? What about a committed married relationship before a child. What makes me mad is people who bring children into this world when they aren't even commited for the long haul. Yes, I know people get divorced, but what is so wrong with being married before you start a family. YOU sound like a child-maybe that is why you haven't conceived yet-you aren't ready for a baby!!!


anon - July 25

whats wrong with not being married when you want children? whats it got to do with you anyway what my circ_mstances are when i want kids? aslong as there going to be loved by me and my partner whats it matter about my maritial status? i am ready for a baby actually i want it more than anything else in the world not that it concerns you!! keep your nasty opinions to yourself!! this is a help forum for people who want to be pregnant, not for nuns who are against kids before marriage. get a life you sad cow


Mandy - July 25

anon please dont answer for me. i know your only trying to help but please i can answer for myself. you made the mistake of putting your name!!! maybe if you had of put my name in it wouldnt b so bad!!! Anyway !!! who do you think you are? anon is absolutly right in everything she has said. It doesnt concern you so keep out. all i can say is well done anon but you could of responded from your point of view not mine!!!


anon - July 25

LOL i didnt even notice (so ashamed) im sorry i just hate it when people like that show there ugly heads in a forum like this putting a downer on everybodies hopes.whoever !!! is is such a negative person and i dont like them. im sorry i know i should have put the opinion as id of wrote it but id of said the same things even if i did write it from me, i know what it feels like to be trying for a baby and having people putting you down all the time. its not nice and theres no need for it. once again i apologise and dont worry it wont happen again. and as for for !!! GET LOST!!!


??? - July 25

you made it a concern for all when you posted on this forum!!! I never said it was wrong to want to have children. I just believe that if you want children, what is so wrong with wanting them to have a mother and father who are committed to each other? If you are so concerned about your fertility, go see a doctor who can actually access your situation. You said that you don't want to see a doctor because they will tell you that you are too young? Well, then tell them that it's none of their business, just as you told me!! This is a forum for advice...go see a doctor if you think you have a problem, not a forum where we don't even have a clue about what is going on with your body!!


Mandy - July 25

i am on here to see if there is anybody else on here who is going through the same thing that i am. im not too young to have children and thats not what im saying. what im saying is that the doctor wont treat me will im older. me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years now and we both love each other very much, we have no intentions of splitting and people who get married dont have any intentions of getting divorsed but some do so whats it matter if we married or not? my mum got married to my dad while she was pregnant with me, maybe we will do that who knows. ive come on here for advice, not criticism


Renea - July 25

Many-have you tried taking ovulation tests? I am 2 weeks late for my af and just went to the doctor on Friday, and have been ttc for over 4 months now. He said that taking ovulation tests can tell not only when you are ovulating, but also if you are ovulating. He said to start taking them on day 10 of my cycle and see if I do ovulate. You might want to try them to see if you do even ovulate.


Mandy - July 25

thank you renea for actually giving me some advice that i can use, i might get one of those myself. let me know how you go on with it please id love to know.


sticking my nose in... - July 25

Ok, this is NOT meant to be an insult or mean in any way so PLEASE don't take it that way. I think what ??? was trying to say is that you are in fact young. I know when I was 19(many moons ago) I thought I was ready for a child. You go through a lot of changes in your 20's, you grow up a lot and learn who you are. Whether or not you are married having a child is a big decision. You said that you and your boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years, and thats great. You also said that you have been having unprotected s_x for 16 months(have you been trying to get pregnant from the very beginning of your relationship??). That to me doesn't say mature decision, sorry but do you have a stable career, do you live on your own? I'm not saying you can't be ready for a baby at 19, I just think you shouldn't be in such a hurry and getting upset just yet. Chances are the timing has just not been quite right yet, even if you time everything perfectly a healthy couple has only a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant in any given month. So my advice is to relax and just have fun, when it's right you'll get pregnant and everything will fall into place! Best of luck!


Ashley - July 25

This is not to insault you in ANYWAY (as i am TTC and only 21) But if its your time to have a child then it will happen....just let nature take its course and enjoy it! Good Luck---if you would like to chat Email me! [email protected]


Mandy - July 26

thank you for your advice "sticking my nose in". no i havent been actually trying to concieve its just that the fact that i havent fallen pregnant worries me. im 20 in august and im just worried that it many take me many years to have children. i read a story today about a couple who was trying for a baby and it took them 14 years to concieve a baby and they did it naturally. by then the woman was in her 40's. i dont want that to happen to me so i figure the soon i try the better. to me the gift of life is having the ability to create other life and i know its strange but i feel asthough my time to start giving life is now i have that maternal feeling. i do live on my own, i live above a shop that my family own and they live somewhere else. My boyfriend stops over with me most nights. if my little sisters body is developed enough to concieve a child then mine should be too. has anyone read about that girl in england who got pregnant at 14 but had an abortion without her parents knowing and then got pregnant again at 15 but decided to keep the baby? well now shes had it and she doesnt care about it. it makes me mad that little s___ts can get pregnant but i cant. she lives near me and i cant stand her shes only doing it for all the money and attention she has got. anyway, what im trying to say is that im not immature and irresponsible i just have very strong maternal feelings and i know im not too young. has anybody got any tips on how to make concieving easier?



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