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Karen - January 31

Would it be possible to tell you're pregnant just 7 days after conception? I feel a bit strange, i have a good nights sleep and i wake up tired. I'm also really hungry first thing in the morning and i'm eating more throught the day which is unsusual for me because i don't have a big appet_te normally, going to the loo all the time despite not drinking more. I know it may sound stupid but i feel as if there's something happening inside my body. So i guess my question is did anyone else ever experience changes like this so early? It's going to kill me waiting to do a test. Any help you all can give me would be greatly appreciated


Chaley - January 31

Hey Karen... not sure, you will probably get different responses about that i find that alot on here... I am also 7 dpo and feeling a little strange.. had alot of headaches, cramping in my right side, and really really tired and hungry !!!! you had any other signs?


Karen - January 31

I've also had tiny cramps mainly on my right side, nowhere near bad enough to be period pains and my period isn't due for another week so i couldn't be menstrual cramps yet. Since i haven't been pregnant before i haven't got anything to compare it to. I'm trying to convince myself that it's not just my imagination and there really is something going on inside me. Can i ask what dpo stands for? And also AF, i know it means period but i can't work out what it stands for. Thanks a million for replying to me


hi - January 31

dpo= days past ovulation...not sure what af is?!?!


QLeO - January 31

af = aunt flow


JF - January 31

I believe some of these symptoms could be PMS or pregnancy. Last month I thought for sure I was pg because I was feeling tired, hungary and ga__sy and then af came? Now this month I am not having those symptoms I have been really thirsty lately and have been having little twinges in my belly not painful but noticiable?


angel_girl - January 31

I am in the same boat Karen. But I have ALL the symptoms. It is driving me crazy to wait to test. I started having symptoms at 2 weeks. I just wish the test would catch up with the rest of my body! Best of luck. You can see my post from a few days ago. Its under Late Positives. It might give you some insight. There are so many great women here who respond. Baby Dust!!!


Karen - January 31

Could be pms i suppose but i never usually get it a week before my period and this doesn't feel like pms. I've got an industrial sized pack of tests so i'm going to take one every morning til i either get a positive test or my period comes. I've had regular as clockwork 28 day cycles since i was 13 so if it's a day late i'll know something is up. Thanks very much for everyone that's taken the time to answer me, i'm very grateful xxx



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