Am I Lol

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softspoken26 - May 15

i have all the signs but all 6 test come back - .i am 5 days late working on my 6th.should i wait another week to go to the docs or should i go now help me lol ty


Emma2 - May 15

Go to the dr. NOW! and get some blood work done. Good Luck


Lin - May 15

I disagree. I don't think people should rush to the doctor every time their period is late. I say wait another week and test again.


BrendaW - May 15

How are your cycles normally? Is 5 days very odd to be late?


Emma2 - May 15

Well she has signs and getting a blood test would confirm if the 6 tests were actually I still say go see your dr.


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

in the uk we cant rush to doctors when our periods are late and just demand bloodwork. we dont pay for it you see and the doctors have right to turn you away and 5 days is nothing really they like to wait until you are around a month maybe more late and they will keep doing urine tests until they think you are late enough to do blood tests and they will not give u an ultrasound unless you are in pain i know the same thing happened to me last year when i was a month late i skipped a cycle. now i am 7 days late and my cycles are usually around 30-34 days and im on cd 41 now


Emma2 - May 15

Well, in Cananda we can do whatever we want if we feel we need it done. I am not sure where softspoken is from but she seems to be taking tests like crazy and getting bloodwork done is her choice. I just recommended what I would she doesnt have to do it....I guess in Cananda we are lucky that the government pays for our healthcare and we tend to forget that its not like that everywhere else!


Grandpa Viv - May 15

It is not uncommon to get negatvie tests past one week late. My suggestion is to take tests at weekly intervals until you miss a second period, then visit the doc. Do regular contraception in case you are not. Do the vitamins and alcohol recommendations in case you are. Good luck!



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