Am I Or Arent I

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Dee - February 7

Hi all, I am pretty new to this so I hope to get some thingas resolved. My last period was on the 10th of Jan making me due on Thursday I am now 4 days late. Me and my partner are trying for a baby and had s_x around the time of ovulation, since this I have had stomach cramps, headache, diziness, quite bad nausea (so bad have to run to toilet but am not sick) I have only been sick once. I took a test on Fri Morn and it came back negative, I then took a test this morning and once again it was negative although there was a faded line which within 2 minutes disappeared! So I dont know if this was a negative or positive but not totally sure. Please can you let me know what you think? I really I hope I am but I have got my hopes up before and ended up I wasnt pregnant! Please let me know what you think. Thanks


Leah - February 7

I have nearly the same thing can some1 help.


Grandpa Viv - February 7

hCG levels in the urine double every few days, going from less than 3 to the 100,000s. Try again next weekend. Good luck!


Dee - February 8

I also had a weird taste in my mouth on several occasions and a bad back pain!, I am now 5 days late! Please help, more info on what you think please! x


Dee - February 8

and just well I think about it I have had lots of gas recently and wetness! maybe this helps?


casie - February 8

i am going through the same thing and am so confused about it all i have all the sighns like sore b___sts,morning sickness,headaches,back pain,ect what do you think?


Dee - February 8

Hi Casie, I think if you have morning sickness then theres a very high chance that you are pregnant, I dont have the morning sickness but everything else! take a test find out! we are all confused I think and I wish we could all just know either way! any suggestions on my symptoms? x


casie - February 8

2 of my friends have had children and it didnt show up on a test untill they were at least 8 weeks pregnant i hope this helps you and good luck


casie - February 8

hi Dee i eraly think you are pregnant and just remeber not every one can take the normal tests wait untill you are a week late then go to your doctor and get a blood test you will find there will be a babby on the way...GOOD LUCK


Dee - February 8

I read through a few questions on here and a few people have simaler symptoms and they said to wait and do a test next week, I really hope I am but again I dont want to be disappointed! So whats the story with you Casie wats the symptoms have u done tests? when were you due etc? Dee x


Dee - February 8

Anyone at all?


S5 - February 8

hello ladies i am going through the same thing and also have done 4 pg tests and all neg. last per. was jan 10 tested two days ago and neg again.feel like i am but who knows i am really frustrated how long do you have to be before one of these tests actually work.? good luck to everyone(to make matters worse My brother n law and his wife just announced they were preg and they tried once. Am very happy for them though, a little jealous though , i can live vicariously through them right now.)


beki - February 8

i am in the same boat!! my last period was jan 3, i was due feb 2. i took a test on feb 1, negative. then i took a test on sat, negative, and another one today, NEGATIVE!! i am getting so frustrated. i wish AF would show or that i would get a positive so i could at least know cause this not knowing thing drives me nuts.


Grandpa Viv - February 8

The extra information about discharge, gas and the weird taste in your mouth is encouraging. I am inclined to read that faded line as a positive. Go buy some prenatal vitamins as a precaution.


Dee - February 9

I am already taking vitamins, folic acid etc just in the hope of being pregnant, when do you think I should do another test?


Dee - February 9

Please sum1 tell me I am going out of my mind! I dont want to waste any more money than I already have!


beki - February 9

get pregnancy tests from the dollar store. theyre pretty accurate. and only a dollar, so if youre test crazy (like me) itll be cheap.



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