Am I Ovulating Now

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Trish - May 21

Hi.. i was wondering about the cm signs. I checked my cm and i only have a little bit of white stuff. Very little that i would say looks like i guess i would say lotion. what does that mean? am i ovulating now? or is this the beginning like my fertile days? does anyone know?


Grandpa Viv - May 21

Ovulation mucus is clear and stretchy. Early pregnancy discharge is sometimes described as "lotion" and comes near the endof the month. What day are you?


Trish - May 22

Grandpa Viv... well i just recently got off my period. I started it on May 15 and my cycle is 24 to 25 days. I went to work tonight and went to the bathroom i noticed some white stuff (sorry gross) in my underpants also.If i had to describe it i would say it looks like paste i guess. Im not due for my period again until the June 8. i checked on a web site that was called Ovulation Calendar and this is what is said : 5/15/05 - First day of your cycle 5/22/05 - A little bit fertile 5/23/05 - Fertile 5/24/05 - VERY fertile 5/25/05 - Time to ovulate i used a ovulation kit today tonight and it had a pink line in the window. It wasnt as dark as the other window but you could definetly see the pink line. the kit says it has to be the same pink color or darker. but this is just a tad bit lighter then the other window. but not by much. So what do you think?


Trish - May 22

does anyone know about this?


trish - May 23

bumping it up


Vicky - May 23

Hi Trish! I also have been using ovulation sticks but after 4 months of trying I am not wasting my money any more!! I also was a little miffed by the colour of the line and didn;t find them very helpful really. Some days the purple line was really noticable but not as dark and other days it was visable but very light! As for your cm I also at the moment just fel very 'wet' and went to the toilet and there was a lot there and it was thick first thing this morning then got runny - not egg white consistency though but creamy. But I could feel it though! I had my first day of menstruting 16 days ago so I am either just about to ovulate or I have already? Its very frustrating isn't it!xxxx


Pattie - May 23

Grandpa Viv - I love reading your posts. Some others are so confusing. I have read so many about the CM texture and consistency and at what times of the cycle are suppose to be what. My cycle started on May 2nd, I didn't notice wetness until May 14th, 15th, 16th then as usual, I feel the very painful cramping on my one side at the same time every month which this month it was 16th,every day from then on I have had milky white lotion like CM since then, I have a 25/26 day cycle and would be expecting AF on May 27th. I have had slight cramping yesterday and today on and off. I didn't have this white lotion stuff last month either, and of course, was disappointed AF came. Please tell me what you think. I know you are not suppose to rely on the CM for signs, only it was different this month. Thanks


Trish - May 24

hi Vicky... yessss it is so fustrating! ugh. lol they need to make them to where us women can tell the dang difference LOL.



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