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Wish10 - May 9

Hello. I have an average cycle of 32 days, lately i've skipped around between 29-35. lmp was April 29th, lasted 5 days which is normal .The period before that was 3/31. I started taking prenatal pills about 4/8 & the next day or 2 I had clear, VERY stretchy cm- I mean STRETCHY in between my fingers which i've never seen it stretch before!! (usually watery is what I notice) Could I be ov'ing around cd10 & have an average 32 day cycle?? all this time I thought I was ovIng around cd17-cd20.


kalokairi - May 9

the only way to know for sure is to start taking your basal body temp. i thought i was ovulating in the middle of my cycle, turned out i ovulated early, cd10 or 11 and had a longer than usual lp which i wouldnt have known otherwise.


Wish10 - May 10

Thx for replying. I know- I tried & screwed it up with my schedule. I believe I may have a long luteal phase. I havea daughter but she's 7 & I wasn't t trying then. I've always had a 28-32 day cycle as far as I can remember. Maybe I need to try temping again. I bd'd last night & this morning. let's hope something stuck.


MelissaP - May 10

Hey Wish...I have a 32 day cycle on average as well. I bd'd cycle day 18 and 19. Cycle day ten seems really early for a 32 day cycle! Is it possible to have such a long luteal phase once you have ovulated?? I thought once you ovulate it is approximately 12-14 days after you should expect your af. Kalo, do you know how long your lp lasts...or why?


Wish10 - May 10

MelissaP, I've read somewhere an lp can be up to 18 days although its not common. My lmp was 29 days for some reason so maybe don't that's why I may have Ov'd earlier.


kalokairi - May 10

yes melissa it is possible to have along lp. the only real way to know is to bbt b/c opkscan be tricky and they only tell you if your lh has surged, but an lh surge doesnt always equal ovulation.


MelissaP - May 11

So..the luteal phase is prolonged because ovulation hasn't occured yet, right? But once you ovulate, you can pretty much pinpoint expected af? I thought you all were explaining that the luteal phase can be really long, even after you have ovulated. I was curious to know why that happens, if it does. =)


kalokairi - May 11

no. the luteal phase is the 2 weeks or so that comes AFTER you ovulate.


MelissaP - May 11

LOL...I think we're misunderstand eachother. Or I am not explaining myself very well. =P. I know the luteal phase is the time after ovulation. I was wondering what makes it longer, even when you have ovulated. Does that happen?


Naomi98 - May 11

LOL, this is a confusing thread! The point Kalo's making is that you can't have a luteal phase if you don't ovulate because there is no corpus luteum. That thing about LP not varying is a total myth too - mine can vary by 3 days which as you all know, is a LONG time in the world of ttc! Anyway, for Wish10, I'd agree with Melissa that it's unlikely you would have ovulated so early with cycles like that. But maybe like you said, it will turn out to be a shorter cycle this month. The only way to know is to temp like Kalo says. Good luck!


Wish10 - May 12

Thx so much for responding ladies. Its starting to make sense. I figure it may have been too early but if I had a 29 day cycle last month, it was possible b/c I was on/around cd10. I thought that you can see the stretchy cm a couple of days before you actually Ov- correct me if I am wrong please. (Maybe I ov'd cd12/cd13 if I am right b/c then my lp would've been about 16 days which would be ok, right?? Help! LOL)


Naomi98 - May 12

Wish10, you're right, reading the signs of ovulation isn't a particularly exact science. I chart BBT so I know that ewcm can mean I'm going to o in the next 2 days, or I'm o'ing today, or I just o'd, or I o'd two days ago, or....well you get the idea. So apparently not only is every woman different, every cycle is different too - aargh. Thank God for charting, takes the guess work out! 16 day lp is very possible, and also very good - take it from someone with a short one! Babydust.


kalokairi - May 13

what naomi said lol



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