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Jessica Marie - January 30

Am I pregnant? I have calculated when my period should be and tomorrow will be a week past it. I have taken 2 home tests and both were negative. The only signs I have are swollen br___ts and sleepiness. I have also had alot of lower back pain and sharp pains in my side. I am very confused. I have never missed my period. I need help.


B'Lana - January 30

Are you ttc or is there a chance you made a baby? Negative tests don't always mean that. I had 2 negative tests and i don't believe them b/c my period is late and I have every other symptom. I would say wait another week and go to the dr... otherwise, welcome to our waiting club!


Jessica - January 30

Well we said that we would try but not try at the same time. I said that if I didn't start my period by today or tomorrow then I would go to the doctor.


Ravan01 - January 30

Not to alarm you or anything.... but.... you should go get that pain checked out right away.... Severe pain when a pregnancy is suspected (ie: late period) may indicate an ectoptic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. This happens when a ferilized egg tries to implant in the felopian tube instead of the uterus and won't always indicate positive on a urine pregnancy test.... My mother had an ectoptic pregnancy once and ignored the pain until her she couldn't even stand anymore. When my step-dad got her to the hospital she had to go in for emergency surgery... The Dr told him that if she had waited much longer, her falopium tube would have ruptured and her life could have been in serious danger... Again, I'm not trying to scare you here, but it would be better if you find out why your having such sharp pains..... Better to go in and find out it's just something minor (like a UTI), then to wait until it's too late, and possibly losing at the very least your fertility, or at the very worst your life.... Please, if the pain is really that sharp see a Dr immediatly.


wannabemom - January 30

i would say more than likely you are..but to be sure i would see your doctor because sometimes those things never work.


Jessica - January 30

well the pain in my side isn't really bad. it is just very mild and i haven't had to very often. i had similiar pains a while back and went ot the doctor and they couldn't figure out what it was. i am going to wait and see what happens.



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