Am I Pregant Or Is It Stress

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babybluejess - May 28

"I've been getting nausea and vomiting since March 20 until now in the morning, afternoon, evening, my br___t has been swollen and tinging on and off for a month now, with little bumps around my nipples and both are pointed out and swollen and heavy, and also my last major period was since March 3, I was still getting my period from March 27 to May 13, but very light, not really flowing as much at all, the usual 4 days i have my period with no usual cramping that I get, and my body feels more tired than usual lately, I took 3 urine pregancy test all negative and two blood test negative one last month and one a week ago, but still having symptoms, and it's not during my period it's 2 weeks before, i've been a little stressed before because of finding a job, now I got the job, i'm still getting the nausea, and also I can't eat certain foods anymore, and the scents make me gag. I have been having unprotected s_x for a year with my boyfriend for a year , and I'm not using birth control whatsoever, and any food i eat I feel sick, pasta, rice, pizza, burger, and i vomit, and sometimes I get a weird taste in my mouth, and starting last week, I've been getting cramps, and yesterday also, kinda bad, but all 5 tests said negative and my period is coming light, so am i pregnant, or is it stress causeing all of this it's two months now and how long will it last? and if i am pregnant, why did it never showed that i am? so am i?"


Lin - May 28

Let me get this straight. You had a period from March 27 to May 13, so you bled for a month and a half? Somehow I don't think that's what you meant to say. At any rate, if you've had two negative blood tests, you're probably not pregnant. You should ask your doctor about options for jump-starting your period. Are you actually trying to conceive?


Lin - May 28

So according to your other post, you've had a period each month. You've also had all negative urine tests and two negative blood tests. It sounds to me like your symptoms are due to something else besides pregnancy. I've had light periods for six months - less than two days each and some less than a day - and I'm not pregnant. Mine are normally five days long. Talk to your doctor to find out what could be causing your symptoms, because it isn't pregnancy.


Grandpa Viv - May 28

Did you tell the doctor all this when you went for a blood test a week ago? If you are not pregnant, you are evidently having a hormone event that mimics pregnancy. If I understand you correctly, the symptoms are worst at ovulation time. Maybe an ovarian cyst is playing havoc. Can you ask for and afford an ultrasound? Good luck!



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