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Maho - January 25

Hi! My DOC was probably 1/19. My period is usually irregular, running between 25-40 days between cycles. I am on day 20, since my last period. My br___ts are sensitive and I feel moody and tired. I have to wait until at least 1/29 to take a pregnancy test. Are these early symptoms of pregnancy? I am not sure and don't want to "fool" myself into thinking I am. Thanks Ladies!


kelsajo - January 25

yes, they can be. they are also signs of af. my bb's are also sensitive, but i believe af is going to be here very soon due to cervical mucus being dark brown, i also am due for af on the 29th. don't give up hope, just don't get your hopes up either.


Maho - January 25

Thanks for your reply. Forgive me for being ignorant but what does "af" mean?


savvy_girl - January 25

It means Aunt Flo ( your period). I'm not hip to all the lingo on here either but I did catch that one! One of the first pg symptoms is sore b___bs. However, some women don't get that. I'm 2 days late and mine look a little fuller but feel OK. Of course, I don't know if I'm actually pg yet. Good luck.


kimberly - January 25

Hello, I am not ttc and am done having my kids but the infant forum is slow today and I am bored. It is really way to soon to know. With an irregular cycle like you have it would be really hard to know if you have even ovulated yet. If you happen to have another 40 day cycle then ovulation wouldn't happen until day 26 of your cycle. With my last baby I was charting so I know exactly when I concieved and I only took a test that month because of the lack of symptoms I was having. I had no sore b___bs and no moodines, fatigue, nothing and my test was positive. I think with all 3 of my babies I didn't have any symptoms early on, I think like around 6 weeks I started to feel preggers. Good Luck and I really hope you are!


JAX - January 25

THINK YOUR PREGGO......GOT NEGATIVE TESTS...TRY THIS.... it worked for me twice....the second time I was 3 1/2 months preggo when i finally got a positive HPT.....and that included 3 negative blood tests.....but i kept getting positive ovulation tests ........AND MY SON IS NOW 2.............ok carefully!!!...Important: what your going to do is take an Ovulation test (DO NOT TAKE THIS TEST ANY EARLIER THAN FIVE DAYS BEFORE YOUR EXPECTED PERIOD) because this is when the hormone your testing for will start declining if you were gonna get your period...........this may get confusisng but you can ask questions if you need too??? OK the hormone in the Ovulation Kit test for an LH surge that produces the hormone PROGRESTOGEN.....this is the hormone that will continue to rise in your body after implantation takes place as the embryo needs high levels of Progrestogen in the placenta to help the pregnancy to develop......SO IF YOU KNOW YOUR PREGNANT....YOU CAN TRY IT JUST FOR FUN AND YOU WILL GET A POSITIVE, THIS MEANS BOTH LINES WILL BE DARK AND THE SAME COLOR...........IF YOU'RE NOT SURE IF YOU'RE PREGNANT...... KEEP IN MIND THAT IF YOU WERE ABOUT TO GET YOUR PERIOD.. THERE IS NO WAY YOU COULD HAVE A POSITIVE OVULATION TEST.......AND CONSIDER THAT YOU MAY HAVE MISCALCULATED YOUR OVULATION TIMES.........SO IF YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR PERIOD.....THEN YOUR OVULATION TEST WILL BE NEGATIVE.............THIS HAS WORKED FOR ME AND SOME FRIENDS AND EVEN JUST FOR FUN I DID 2 WHEN I WAS PREGNANT AND IT WAS NEAT HOW IT CAME OUT POSITIVE.......GOOD LUCK AND MUCH BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!..



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