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shell - July 8

I usually have my period the same day of every month, but this month it was two days late and it was a brownish color and also only a day and a half. I get tired alot and very hot fast. has anyone had this could i be pregnant?


sam - July 8

ive had that before and i still dont know what it was caused by but i wasnt pregnate though


shell - July 8

I had taken a pregnancy test and it was neg. Should i just wait untill next month to take another one?


Brandi - July 8

well anything could be possable. my sis-in-law has hot flashes and tried.that has been going on for like 3 weeks and we just found out that she is prengnant


sheena - July 8

The same thing has happen to me i do not know what is going on.Can someone please tell us?


Grandpa Viv - July 8

Hot flashes and fatigue and an unusual light period are all consistent with pregnancy. Take home tests at weekly intervals. Check your diet for folic. Call the doc if you get a positive or if your next period is not normal. Good luck!


Beverly - July 8

Sounds like ur Pregnant.I had the same thing happen to me my first time getting pregnant.The test didn't show up positive till I was 4 weeks though.


shell - July 9

Well i guess i'll just wait for a bit and take another test, thanks for the info everyone.


shell - July 9

so my last real period was June 1/05 and the one that i had last was the one for a day and a half. so if i was preg. when would i count from how long i would be?


Jenna - July 9

You would count from the first day of your last period. Good Luck!


shell - July 9

for preg test how long should i wait? If it was up to me i would take one every day,but that would get a little expensive....hahaha...the last one i took was on wed. and it was neg.


shell - July 10

well today i have been having leg cramps and i feel like i am supose to have my period, but i don't. is this normal?



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