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PrincessJenJen - February 23

Hey ladies!! I am 22 yrs old and i am a really skinny small girl who never gains weight never and i have now within the past few wks gained a few pounds around my stomach and i never gain any weight and my left br___ts is sore to the touch but ive take a few tests and they all say negative. I havent taken a blood test yet because i have already taken three of those within the past two years and they always say negative but this time i really think imay be pregnant. My jeans which are size 3 are to tight for me to wear so i just wear lose pants because they are more comfortable to me. I just dont know what to do because i have a feeling the blood test will say negative. Anywayz i did have heartburn not last week but the week before for bout two weeks straight and i kept feeling litheaded as well for those two weeks. Now I just feel blah like ij jus twant to stay home at all times and do nothing. idk what do you ladies think this sounds like? thank you for listening!


CgGirl - February 23

Hi Jen, when was the last hpt you took? And when was your last period? Are you on any type of birth control?


PrincessJenJen - February 23

hey well my last period was the end of december i do not get them reguarly as i should and no im not on birth control and thats because i do not want to be on it. My fiance and I wouldnt mind if i was pregnant it would be a good thing for us but the last one i took was actually just a few minutes ago and it said negative so im goin to try again in the morning which is a better idea. I just am confused lol. I have gained bout eight pounds and idk maybe its cuz im finally gaining weight lol or i could be. Im just goin to have to wait another month and if i continue to gain weight then ill have to go and take a blood test just to see who knows.


aubozo18 - February 26

i am 15 scarred i might be pregnant the last time i had s_x (and it wasent all the way it lasted maybe 10 mins and he dident c_m at least i dont think he did )was about 3-4 months ago and all my periods have been normal up till now im a few days late and have had no other "pregnacy symptoms am i pregnant? help and im in alot of streess could that play a role?


Grandpa Viv - February 26

bozo, start your own thread by clicking ASK a QUESTION at the top of the page. Unless you had s_xual contact recently, it is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. Stress could delay your period. Relax, and buy some condoms of your own before the next encounter, or lay off until you are a few years older. Good luck!



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