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ebony - July 13

i had un protected s_x on the 20th of march i took the morning after pill on the monday after satuday, my period was due that following saturday but it never started, i went to the doctors they did a pregnancy test and sent it to the doctors i never got my results on that same day my period started and it lasted for 6 days like a normal period. is there a chance i could b pregnant, but as i got no respond from the hospital of my test does that mean good news that i am not pregnant?


worried sick!!! - April 18

all i know is if you get your period you are fine. my problem is i havent yet got my period which is somewhere around this week. my and my bf didint have s_x, but we kinda touched his member on my v____a. we just wanted to check how it felt. and because i was feeling so nervous, he even took a tissue and wiped off his wetness before he touched mine. it didint go in. nothing like that. but could it make me pregant?? doesnt the stuff (any stuff - the white ones or the ones that come before that) has to go in - very in??? i'm so worried. please help.


sheree - April 19

Not true people can get there period while being preganant and you should have gotten your tests back wether you are pregnant or not I would complain about that.Worried sick you are just getting paranoid.


sheree - April 19

Not true you can be preganant and have your peroid it is actually very common.As for the hospital not giving your results back they are supoosed to give them to you wether you are negative or postive I would be complaining.Also the morning after pill is most effective in the first 72 hours of taking it but it is possible that you could have taken it a bit to late.As for worried sick chances are you are not preganant as sperm has to travel a far way up and if it wasn't in you then it would have been a bit hard to travel and sperm dies in the air within a few seconds.


charlotte XxX - April 28

i recently had s_x but i am scared that i might be preganant i am only young and dont know what else to do i am on the pill but i threw up 3 days before i had s_x the nurse had asked me if i had taken the pill 2 hours before i had thrown up i sed i took it in the morning so no then i took the morning after pill a day after i am really worried and havent been sleeping because of it and now i feel i am becoming sick with worry do you think i might be preganant and what should i do now ??


Courtney - April 28

If you had you period as normal, I don't think you could be pregnant, though I have heard of people never knowing because they continue to have their periods. That, however, is EXTREMELY rare.


Ariannah - May 10

I had had s_x with my boyfriend on april 4th, and i was due for my period in about a week, he had busted inside of me, but he pulled it out after he busted, but i got my period the next day, so could i be preganant or no, im not sure what to think, sents i got my period the day after we had just done something, is there any chances i could be preganant?


Amy - May 20

me and my husband of four months made love before he left in may to go to basic training. i should have started my period on the 16th of May, but i skipped it. could i be preganant. i have had all the symptems. but i don't know if i a really am or not. i really need some advice. could someone please tell me what to do


Scared - May 23

I had s_x with someone and he used a condom. It didnt really go in but it did. I told him to stop because it hurt and I am still scared i will be pregnant. I woke up this morning (the morning after) and I see blood in my underwear and i feel bloated..can I be pregnant?


naazi - May 31

hiiam pregnant of 5week my b___st has becomebigger iam worried i want the solution to reduce by some remedy my hus play with my b___st idont like but icant avoid


tabu - May 31

hiplease tell me how toreduce b___st


felicia - May 31

there is always a chance you could be pregnant. so go get tested anyway. its always better to be safe than not. and by the way, you can have your period if you are oregnant, so dont go by just that ok? good luck


felicia - May 31

this is for "worried sick", down there..yo do not have to have intercourse to become pregnant. iforec_m, or ejaculate seeps into your v____al area from a___l s_x, just touching it to you, ot during any type of contact, there is still a possibility of becoming pregnant. always be protected. also, go get tested just in case. always be more safe then not..good luck


Rena - June 6

I lost my brith Control Pills on April 29, 2004 and wasn't able to get a new pack until May 17,2004. I started my period on May 3, and it last until May 7, 2004. My period was do on June 4, but haven't came is their a possiblity that I pregnant.


alan - June 11

my family has had the flu and so have i but my symptoms seemed to last longer and now i'm starting to have other symptoms of being pregnant but i still have been having my period accept it's more like spotting and doesn't last as long and it visited me a week sooner than it was supposed to. I would normally not think anything of it accept that well now i seem to have a daily feeling of movement in my abdominal area and i have gained 15lbs in the last 6weeks and this would be my fourth pregnancy i don't want to get my husbands hopes up so i keep waiting to not have a cycle thinking ok if i don't have a cycle than i know that i am so should i be concerened. i would take a pregnancy test but with my last child they didn't read till after the 8 test. they were all reading false negative and these were the ones that the dr. was giving to me.


cynthia - June 11

me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x on a tuesday and in the same week i started to feel sick and my stomach a a wird pain that i never felt before, and i am hunrgy then normal and my inside of my v____a hurts, and i am so tired lately does that mean i'm pregnant? Pleace help me i'm only 14 and in foster care and scared please write me asap


Just Wondering - June 13

I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend the morning of the day my period was supposed to start. That afternoon my period came on. It's been about 16 days since and lately I've been feeling like I have to vomit, whenever I touch my stomach I feel lke I have to throw up or the acid taste will be in my mouth-- and the other day I noticed a light pink discharge. My period is due in about 10 days. Is this too early to suspect that I might be pregnant?



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